lançar synonyms and antonyms


English hurl, cast, plaster cast, cast of characters, chaste, typecast, casting, mold, form, fall off, pay off, vomit, frame, draw, shed, project, roll, casted, dramatis personae, mould, plaster bandage, stamp
oc arronçar, getar, lançar, ronçar
Portuguese eleger, escolher, arremessar, tacar


English cast, throw, holler, lunge, hurtle
Portuguese arremessar, atirar, lançar


English throw, flip out, flip over, back flip, flick, damn, snotty nosed, somersault, pass, turn, toss, interchange, pitch, sky, start, turn over, twitch
Portuguese atirar, lançar


English flip, hurl, throw, cam stroke, stroke, switch, take dive, stound, toss, bowl, displace, eject, confuse, give, shed, hold, project, bewilder, thrust
Portuguese arremesso, lançamento, lançar, nage waza, arremessar, atirar, jogar


English chuck, bin, chuckie, chuckstone, chow, vomit, ditch, jettison, junk, pat, toss
Portuguese acariciar, atirar, lançar


English log, den, fossa, history, journal, logarithm, logist, lumber, place, record, swiss roll, unwieldy
oc bilhon, tronc
Portuguese colocar no diário, colocar no registro, gravar, registrar, tora, lançar


English launch, launching, lance, plunge, establish, morning, orbit, set in motion, start
Portuguese arrojar, lançar, arremessar, jogar, tacar


English slam, poetry slam, slam dance, bang, flap down, islam, mosh, shot, sweep, mirinda
Portuguese atirar, bater, esporro, estrilo, lançar


English heave up, buckle, lift, gag, pant, billow, heaving, heft, heft up, huzzah, retch, warp
Portuguese bombear, jogar, lançar, levantar


English hookup, crack, spree, discard, splurge, toss, wave about
Portuguese agitar, atirar, bater, lançar, arremessar


English send off, send out, object, thing, consign, direct, dispatch, get off, resend, emit, air, mail, station, transport, commit
Portuguese enviar, lançar, remeter, despachar, emitir, mandar


English be about, broadcast, circuit, circularise, circularize, disseminate, put about, spread, go around, diffuse, disperse, distribute, get about, get around, pass around, pass on, propagate
Portuguese difundir, disseminar, lançar, transmitir, circular

lançar antonyms

flip flap, handspring, keep, preserve, drink, swallow, crew, drop, stick, laurel and hardy, hockey stick, control stick, drink in, drink to excess, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, eat on, eat, keep open, receive, reply, accept, answer, confiture, clique, crewer, crowd, posse, seaman, ship's company, staff, team, gang, find, get, get back to, have, incur, invite, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, respond, response, brambling, catch, professional wrestling

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