leave synonyms and antonyms


English leave of absence, leave alone, leave behind, go forth, allow for, go away, go out, bequeath, dissociate, farewell, abandon, allow, depart, holiday, forget, exit, let alone, go, lead, leaf, leave
Portuguese leave, abandonar, ir, partir, retirar se, sair, permissão, deixar
Spanish leave, permiso, dejar
French leave, permission, laisser
Italian leave, permesso, dimenticare, lasciare

leave alone

English leave, let alone
French laisser tranquille, lâcher la grappe, lâcher les baskets

leave behind

English leave, lose

go away

English go, leave, buzz off, fuck off and die, get fucked, get screwed, disappear, vanish
Portuguese cai fora, se te manda, vá vai embora
Spanish abe, abid, fuera, pírate, vete
French allez loin, allez vous en, va loin, va t en, partir, s en aller, s’ en aller


English go away, go out, depart, leave, lead, go, go game
French go, jeu de go

go forth

English leave, issue

go out

English go, exit, leave, go steady, court, alight, date, emerge
Portuguese partir, sair
Estonian välja minema, väljas käima, väljuma
French exit, quit, sortir, aboutir, donner
Italian andare fuori, uscire, spegnersi


English go out, leave, exit, outlet, way out, egress, passing, die, get out, issue
Portuguese escapatória, partir, porta, saída
Spanish dejar, partir, salida, salir
French aboutir, issue, partir, quitter, sortie, sortir
Italian levarsi, uscire, uscita


English depart, leave, abandonment, relinquishment, aband, wantonness, wildness, adjure, cast off, cede, deliver up, demit, desert, drop, evacuate, forego, forsake, forswear, give over, give up, lay down, let go, part with, quit, relinquish, renounce, resign, surrender, vacate, waive, yield, abdicate, blin, cast aside, desist, dispense, forgo, forlet, jilt, retire, run out on, withdraw, withsake, desolate, desuetude, ditch
Portuguese abandonar, desistir, abandono
Romanian abandon, părăsire
Spanish abandono, desenfreno


English abandon, leave, go, part, quit, set forth, set off, set out, sod off, start, start out, take leave, take off, deviate, die, sidetrack
Portuguese dar adeus, despedir se, dizer adeus, partir, sair
Spanish marchar, partir, irse, salir
French abandonner, donner, déguerpir, départir, mourir, partir, quitter
Italian avviarsi, partire, allontanarsi, andar via, dipartire


English leave, impart, will
Portuguese abandonar, dar, entregar, legar, testar
Spanish ceder, dejar, heredar, legar, abandonar, entregar
French léguer, transmettre, donner, laisser
Italian lasciare in eredità, legare, lasciare


English leave, disconnect, break up, disunite, part, sever, withdraw, decouple, disassociate


English leave, farewell, word of farewell, adieu, godspeed, goodbye, leave taking, parting, swan song, toodeloo, toodle pip
Portuguese adeus, despedida, partida
Spanish adiós, despedida, palabras de despedida
French adieu, au revoir, l adieu le dernier été de brecht, partir
Italian addio, commiato, distacco


English leave, abate, allot, give, let, permit, give up, admit, apportion, appropriate, earmark, empower, grant, greenlight
Portuguese admitir, aguentar, agüentar, aturar, conceder, dar, levar em conta, outorgar, permitir, reservar, suportar, tolerar, deixar
Romanian acorda, admite, lăsa, permite
Spanish conceder, dejar, permitir
French accorder, laisser
Italian lasciare, permettere


English leave, holiday, bank holiday, feast, feast day, lacuna, vacation
Portuguese the holiday, datas comemorativas, efeméride, feriado
Spanish the holiday, festividad, fiesta
French the holiday, fête


English leave, blank out, block, bury, draw blank, disregard, obliviate
Portuguese esquecer, esqueça se
Italian dimenticare, scordare


English go, leave, lead, lead in, lead out, lead story, pencil lead, atomic number 82, conduct, direct, guide, head, foremost, leading, first, jumper cable, leash, spark advance, tip, star, moderate, precede, contribute, run, leadership
Portuguese chumbo, terminal


English leave, leaf, leaf fat, foliage, folio, flick, leafage
Portuguese folha, folhagem, folhas, folhear

leave antonyms

forbid, prohibit, entrance, entry, arrive, come, conform, live, enter, door, accounting entry, associate, associate degree, ledger entry, entrance hall, deny, arrival, restrict, according to, authorized, permitted, ban, board, circuit board, bound, confine, acquiesce, adjust, conformable, control, curb, curtail, cut back, car door, forbidden, limit, return, return key, tax return, sandwich board, reject, remain, abdicate, abnegate, abstain, admission, advent, appear, appearance, approach, arrivals, attain, get to, arriver, companion, join, consociate, consort, be kept in, colligate, come in, come together, come up, comer, connect, contradict, decline, disclaim, gainsay, traverse, disallow, disavow, discard, disdain, entering, admittance, doorway, ingang, capture, entranceway, entree, access, article, element, record, introduction, submission, entryway, veto

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