limitation synonyms and antonyms


English prescription, restriction, constraint, limit, restraint, limitation
French prescription, restriction, limitation, obstacle, plafonnement


English limitation, prescription, prescription drug, order, forescript, recipe, ℞, statute of limitations, usucapion, usucaption, stipulation, requirement, necessity
French prescription, ordonnance, traitement


English limitation, restraint, restriction, confinement, unfreedom
French limitation, restriction


French limitation, contrainte


English constraint, limitation, restriction, belt, control, curb, forbearance, bridle, coercion, compulsion, confinement, detention, deterrence, discipline, hindrance, imprisonment, inhibition, prevention, shackles, stay, stiffness, suppression, unnaturalness, chasteness, trammel
French restriction, contention, contrainte, contrôle, refrènement, retenue


English limitation, limit, limit point, boundary line, border, bound, boundary, circumscribe, confine, confine to, cripple, demarcation, demarcation line, hilt, edge, terminus ad quem, reduce, restrict, specify, margin, mete, point of accumulation, term, verge
French limite, limiter, frontière, point d accumulation, point limite, prescrire, restreindre, valeur d adhérence

limitation antonyms

infinite, unbounded, illimitation, extension, freedom, extension cord, extension phone, extension service, file name extension, filename extension, telephone extension, university extension, boundaryless, bottomless, boundless, endless, illimitable, amaranthine, countless, immeasurable, inestimable, interminable, limitless, unending, unlimited, vast, multitudinous, space, non finite, nonfinite, ramsey's theorem, unconfined, add on, addition, allonge, enlargement, denotation, annex, elongation, reference, propagation, lengthiness, prolongation, accessory, exemption, liberty, license, freeness, independence, iss, leeway

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