loads of synonyms and antonyms

loads of

English lots of, plenty of, lot of

lots of

English loads of, plenty of, lot of, much

plenty of

English loads of, lots of, lot of

lot of

English loads of, lots of, plenty of, large amount of, many, much

loads of antonyms

few, little, little bit, scant, some, couple, couple of, any amount, baby, base, bit, handful, contemptible, feeble, inconsiderable, insignificant, mean, narrow, niggardly, paltry, petty, scanty, selfish, short, slender, slight, small, stingy, tiny, unimportant, weak, wee, fiddling, microscopic, minuscule, skosh, somewhat, trifle, low, mite, slightly, some amount, some extent, tad

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