manger synonyms and antonyms


English corrode, fret, trough, eat, feed, rack, food
French mangeoire, abreuvoir, auge, avaler, boulotter, dîner, becqueter, bouffer, damer, grailler, miamer, se nourrir, se restaurer, se réfecter, se sustenter, s’ alimenter, ruper


English eat, rust, canker
French manger, corroder, déjeuner, rouille, rouiller, éroder


English fret, greek fret, angst, annoy, cold, eat away, ferret, freight, worn spot, erode, choke, rub, eat into, fuss, chafe, greek key, key pattern, lather, molest, payload, pester, plague, stew, stew in one's juices, sweat, swither, variegate, vex, worry, cargo, warhead
French manger, frette, touchette, consumer, dévorer, chargement, clé grecque, inquiéter, ragoût, suer, sueur


English manger, bathyphase, gutter, public treasury, bowl
French abreuvoir, auge


English corrode, feed, eat on, something, bother, consume, dine, feast, have
French manger, alimenter, consommer, déjeuner, se nourrir, s’ alimenter


English eat, food, news feed, web feed, feed in, cater, feast, prey, fertilize, run, fooder, give, provender, put in, twenty
French manger, alimenter, nourrir, aliment, alimentation, banquet


English manger, rack, laundry rack, rack block, agony, anguish, breast, distress, frame, crag, crib, dampness, moisture, neck, pang, torment, torture, vapor, wrack, agonize, excruciate, exhaust, force, oppress, rend, strain, wrest, single foot, scud, extort, sack, stand, wheel
French rack, étagère, arack, bander, carré, carré d’ agneau, claie, porte bagage, porte revues, racker, raidir, roue


English food, food for thought, solid food, board, edible, aliment, belly timber, brainfood, bread, cheer, commons, diet, fare, fodder, forage, meat, nourishment, pabulum, provender, provisions, rations, subsistence, sustenance, viands, victuals, intellectual nourishment, nosh, nutrient
French manger, aliment, alimentation, bouffe, nourriture, chère, comestible, familier, matière à penser, nutriment, pâture

manger antonyms

tighten one's belt, throw up, chuck up, fast, beverage, drink, swallow, drinking, soup, throw, wave, water, throw up one's hands, give up, throw in towel, throw over, break up, vomit, acrophase, kallang wave, starve, neat, cattle, clean, dainty, drink in, drink to excess, famish, colour fast, gimp, hunger, mexican wave, crave, wave about, barricaded, degenerate, flying, immobile, truehearted, tight, bibation, consomme, deglutition, drinkable, get down, imbibing, imbibition, libation, spic and span, tidy, bang up, facile, full strength, orderly, potable, throwing, water system, body of water, water down, solid, lavishness, pomp, luxury, someone, all but, almost, nearly

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