miz synonyms and antonyms


English have, inhold, own, seise


English possess, month, salary, wage, have, table, miz


English month, calendar month, montu, moon
br miz, mizvezh
Kurdish heyv, hîv, meh, مانگ, مانگەکان


English wage, salary, fee
Kurdish miz, meaş, mehane, muçe, مه‌عاش
Uzbek maosh, moyana, oylik


English salary, earnings, pay, remuneration, engage
Kurdish miz, destheq, meaş, muçe
Uzbek maosh, moyana


English possess, have, have got, rook, take, yard, garden, acquire, appear, be able to, bird, carry, chattel, experience, feature, get, got, hang onto, rich person, bear, conquer, consume, eat, know, must, partake, sleep with, give birth, suffer, induce, hold, accept, own, receive, haven’t, i've, make
za miz, miƨ
br endevout, kaout
Kurdish hebûn, heyîn


English table, table mountain, table englisch, backgammon, board, calculator, draughts, mensa, grid, mesa, tabularize, postpone, tabular array
za congz, daiz
Kurdish mase, mêze, مێز
Uzbek miz, stol

miz antonyms

lack, need, miss, desire, have not, poor person, week, may, chair, year, must, time, give, give away, denounce, disclose, let on, not, have or have not, calendar week, hourly, electric chair, horal, in need of, owe, lacking, absent, deficient, anomalistic year, calendar year, fiscal year, soft, hassium, own, bom, lacquer, varnish, abdomen, absence, be able to, belly, black, can, stool

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