mold synonyms and antonyms


English clay sculpture, modeling, moulding, fungus, mould, molding, cast, mildew, determine, must, model, shape, mold
Albanian mould, mold, allçi, stuko, myk


English mold, mildew, cast, shape, model, form, manufacture


English modeling, molding, mold


English moulding, molding, mold, model, modelling


English modeling, moulding, mold, border, casting


English mould, mold


English mold, modeling, shape, cast, mould, model, mathematical model, fashion model, role model, manner, form, mannequin, exemplar, paragon, pattern, ideal, example, framework, mock up, mockup, exemplary, modelise, modelling, paradigm, pose, poser, posture, prototype, simulate, simulation, sit, template, theoretical account, dummy, blueprint, sample, sample distribution
Albanian model, formë, gjedhe, mostër


English mold, fungus, mushroom, fungal
Albanian kërpudhë, këpurdhë


English mould, mold, cast, plaster cast, cast of characters, chaste, typecast, casting, hurl, form, fall off, pay off, vomit, frame, draw, shed, project, roll, casted, dramatis personae, plaster bandage, stamp
Albanian model, formë


English mould, determine, mold, shape, configuration, conformation, contour, embodiment, forge, form, hammer, image, manufacture, pattern, human body, supreme headquarters allied powers europe, condition, work, surfboard, symmetrical
Albanian model, formë, kallëp, konturë, strukturë, trajtë


English mold, shape, arrange, ascertain, check, conclude, decide, adjust, compel, define, establish, fix, incline, induce, resolve, settle, turn, verify, specify, find, find out, influence, judge, learn, move, regulate, see, set, watch
Albanian caktoj, gjej, konstatoj, përcaktoj, vendos, zbuloj


English mold, must, black, commitment, have, have to, imperative, requirement, moldiness, mustiness, mustn’t, requisite, unclean, want

mold antonyms

need not, not, got to, have to, be bound to, have got to, need to, need, can't, optional, be able to, cannot, can’t, cant, crew, have, no, gotta, holy smoke, needn't, no more, no longer, no way, oh no, yeah no, now now, no no, want, should not, can, cant over, formless, amorphous, custom, wont, customary, elective, facultative, habit, in need of, shapeless, size of it, size, singing, unnecessary, might, should, chant, song, argot, border, jargon, slang, bevel, buzzword, bank, dispensable, have got, hundred, inessential, innecessary, lingo, team, used to, way, wone, view, idea, aim, appear, aspect, commitment, consider, crave, clique, crewer, crowd, posse, seaman, ship's company, staff, gang, demand, eyeshot, lack, look, look at, lump, may, mightiness, mightn’t, needless, omissible, discretionary, voluntary, ought, patois, pious platitude, pitch, power

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