motion synonyms and antonyms


English apparent motion, motility, gesticulate, exercise, gesture, action, movement, move, question, motion
French question, motion, apple motion, mouvement, déplacement, marquer, proposition, résolution
Portuguese motion, deslocamento, movimento, moção, mudança, traslado
Finnish motion, liike, esitys, liikahdus, liikehdintä, liikkuminen, liikkuvuus
Italian motion, movimento, mozione, mossa, proposta, spostamento
Japanese motion, 動き, 運動, モーション, 働き, 動, 動議, 原案, 変位, 建議, 提言, 提議, 案, 発案, 発議, 移り, 移動, 移転, 身ぶり, 身振, 身振り, 転移, 運行, 運転
German apple motion, antrag, entschliessungsantrag, movierung, bewegung

apparent motion

English motion, movement, apparent movement
Finnish koneiston liike, koneiston toiminta, liike, toiminta


English apparent motion, action, motion, movement, bowel movement, social movement, front, incursion, campaign, drift
French mouvement, déplacement, mouvement social, phrase
Portuguese movimento, movimento social, movimentos sociais
Finnish liikahdus, liike, koneisto, liikehdintä, osa, rintama, siirto, yhteiskunnallinen liike
Italian movimento, circolazione, tempo
Japanese 動き, 運動, キャンペーン, グループ, ムーブマン, ムーブメント, ムーヴメント, 働き, 動くこと, 動作, 動向, 動態, 楽章, 泳動, 移動, 身のこなし, 身の熟し, 進退, 運行


English gesticulate, motion, gesture
French geste, signe, gesticulation, mimer, mouvement, symbolique
Portuguese gesto, gestos, sinal
Finnish ele, liike
Italian gesto, atto, cenno, garbo, gesticolazione, gestualità, mimica, mossa, moto, movimento
Japanese ジェスチャ, ジェスチャー, ジェスチュア, ゼスチャー, ゼスチュア, モーション, 仕形, 仕方, 仕種, 仕草, 合図, 意思表示, 所作, 手ぶり, 手まね, 手振, 手振り, 手真似, 相図, 表意, 身ぶり, 身振, 身振り
German bewegung, geste, attitüde, gebärde, flag


English gesture, motion
Finnish elehtiä, viittoa, viittoilla
Italian gesticolare, sbracciare, smanacciare, smanazzare


English motion, motility
Japanese 運動性, 運動率


English action, physical exercise, drill, example, use, work out, exert, practice, exercising, physical exertion, practice session, recitation, wield, work, workout
French exercice, accomplir, activité, exemple, exercer, ouvrage, perceuse, preuve, récitation, s entraîner, travailler
Portuguese exercitar, exercício, exercício fisico, malhar, prática, treinar
Finnish harjoittelu, harjoitus, drilli, harjoitella, harjoittaa, juhlallisuudet, juhlamenot, liikunta, teettää työtä
Italian addestramento, allenamento, allenare, esercitare, esercitazione, esercizio, esercizio fisico, lavorare, moto, pratica, tenere in esercizio
Japanese 練習, エキササイズ, エキササイズ する, エクササイズ, トレイニング, トレーニング, トレーニング する, プラクティス, 例題, 働かせる, 利かせる, 効かせる, 及ぼす, 執行, 手慣し, 手慣らし, 手馴し, 手馴らし, 振う, 振るう, 揮う, 教練 する, 煉る, 稽古, 練る, 練習問題, 行使, 訓練, 訓練 する, 訓連, 運動, 運動 する, 運動すること
Danish motion, motionere, øvelse
German ausüben, bewegung, exerzitium, üben, übung


English movement, exercise, action, legal action, military action, action mechanism, achievement, acting, activity, affair, battle, brush, case, combat, conflict, contest, course, deed, doing, enacting, encounter, energy, fable, feat, force, influence, instrumentality, lawsuit, measure, pay, performing, playing, procedure, process, prosecution, rencontre, representation, representing, skirmish, subject, suit, turn, natural process, carry through, activeness, agency, conduct, equity, litigate, sue, thing, contribution, part, bill, share, stock, stock certificate
French action, action boursière, action de société, activité, combat, faire jouer, geste, poursuivre, réaction
Portuguese acionar, actividade, atividade, ato, ação, litigar, acção
Finnish teko, toimenpide, toiminta, aktiivisuus, aktio, haastaa oikeuteen, käynti, liike, ratkaisu, toimintamekanismi
Italian action, azione, attività, fatto
Japanese 行動, アクション, 仕打ち, 仕業, 仕種, 仕草, 作用, 働き, 動作, 告訴 する, 営み, 挙止, 振る舞い, 振舞, 振舞い, 条, 株, 株券, 業務, 活, 活動, 活動中, 活気, 為業, 立ち振る舞い, 立振舞, 筋, 行い, 行ない, 行為, 訴える, 訴人 する, 運動伝達装置
Danish handling, virkning
German motion, action, ablauf, akt, aktie, aktion, handeln, handlung, justizverfahren, tat, wirkung, agency, engagement, exploit, operation, performance, plot, einfluss, einwirkung, wirken


English motion, affect, agitate, bring round, displace, download, drive, evil, git along, go, make motion, act, act upon, actuate, awaken, bring forward, budge, change residence, determine, dislodge, impel, impress, incense, incite, incline, induce, influence, instigate, persuade, prevail upon, proceed, propel, propose, put in motion, recommend, removal, remove, rouse, shift, stir, stir up, suggest, trouble, turn, offer, prompt, transfer, be active, motivate, travel, relocation, resituate, run, take action, talk round, tread
French bouger, mouvoir, se déplacer, aller, circuler, coup, courir, devenir, délocalisation, démarche, déménagement, déménager, déplacer, déterminer, faire, fonctionner, go, inciter, marcher, motiver, mouvement, opérer, partir, pas, passage, passer, remuer, tester, transférer, écouler, émouvoir
Portuguese comover, deslocar, jogada, mover, movimento, mudança, mudar se, passo, viagem, mexer se, mover se, movimentar se
Finnish liikkua, siirtyä, ehdottaa, esittää, käydä läpi, liikuttaa, muuttaa, muutto, myydä, olla vuoro, siirto, siirtää, tehdä siirto, teko, uudelleensijoittaminen
Italian muoversi, articolare, commuovere, mossa, muovere, passo, sgomberatura, spostare, trapiantarsi, trasferirsi, traslocamento, traslocare, trasloco
Japanese 動く, いらっしゃる, ずらす, らっしゃる, アクション, モーション, リロケーション, 一手, 住み替え, 再配置, 出方, 出様, 動かす, 動き, 参る, 家渡り する, 家移 する, 家移り, 家移り する, 屋渡り する, 引き移る, 引き越す, 引っこす, 引っ越し, 引っ越し する, 引っ越す, 引移る, 引越, 引越 する, 引越し, 引越し する, 引越す, 往く, 手, 打つ, 指し手, 歩み方, 滑らす, 片す, 移し替える, 移す, 移り住む, 移る, 移ろう, 移動 する, 移替える, 移転, 移転 する, 移駐 する, 置き換える, 置き替える, 行く, 行る, 行動, 赴く, 身じろぐ, 身動ぐ, 転じる, 転ずる, 転出, 転居, 転移 する, 転置 する, 退く, 逝く, 運ぶ, 遣る, 遷る, 駒を動かす番
Danish bevæge, bevæge sig, flytte, tur, flytte sig, sætte i bevægelse
German bewegen, bewegung, fortbewegen, hinziehen, regen, rücken, rühren, schachzug, umziehen, umzug, verschieben, übersiedeln, drive, go, live, march, prompt, start, touch, walk


English motion, question, call into question, contradict, enquiry, head, inquiry, interrogation, interrogative, interrogative sentence, oppugn, query, doubt, issue, subject, topic, ask, frain, interrogate, interview, wonder, scrutinise, scrutinize, point, matter
French question, remettre en question, chose, contester, disputer, douter, examiner, interpeller, interrogatif, interrogation, interrogatoire, interroger, point, questionner, réclamer, supplice, torture, tête
Portuguese question, indagação, inquérito, interrogar, interrogação, pergunta, perguntar, questionar, questão, qüestionar, qüestão
Finnish kysymys, asettaa kyseenalaiseksi, asia, kuulustelu, kyseenalaistaa, kysellä, kysely, kysyminen, kysymyslause, kysyä, tiedustelu, tutkimus
Italian question, domanda, domandare, interrogare, interrogativo, interrogazione, proposizione interrogativa, quesito, questione
Japanese 質問, 疑問, 疑問文, うかがい, お伺, お伺い, もの問う, クエスチョン, 不審, 伺, 伺い, 伺う, 借問 する, 問, 問い, 問いかけ, 問いかける, 問いただす, 問い合わせ, 問い掛け, 問い掛ける, 問い正す, 問い質す, 問う, 問掛, 問掛け, 問掛ける, 問題, 尋く, 尋ねる, 御伺, 御伺い, 正す, 片, 物問う, 疑い, 疑う, 疑り, 疑問視 する, 聞く, 聴く, 見とがめる, 見咎める, 訊く, 訊ねる, 訪う, 設問, 試問, 課題, 諮問, 諮詢, 質す, 質問 する, 質疑, 質疑 する, 題
German angelegenheit, anzweifeln, befragen, frage, hinterfragen, infrage stellen, rütteln, anfrage, problem

motion antonyms

stasis, fixation, inaction, static, couch, rest, doll, standing, still, couch potato, idler, layabout, standing still, atmospheric static, stopped up, stopped, stillness, standstill, calmness, eternal rest, confirm, stationary, atmospherics, addiction, fixedness, mania, preoccupation, obsession, arrested development, fixing, inactiveness, inactivity, stagnation, stability, staticity, answer, moving, acknowledge, affirm, canape, validate, verify, corroborate, davenport, divan, settee, sofa, explain, lie down, frame, nerve, peacefulness, reassert, speechlessness, deadlock, grind, halt, idle, impasse, stand, stable, electrostatic, motionless, unchanging, changeless, fixed, immobile, hush, motionlessness, substantiate, support, sustain, tranquility, tying, windlessness, fastening, fix, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, being, representational state transfer

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