muodissa oleva synonyms and antonyms

la mode

English in style, in vogue, cool, in fashion, latest, modish
Finnish muodissa oleva, a la mode, jäätelöllä, jäätelön kanssa, jäätelön kera, muodikas, muotia oleva, tuorein, uusin


English in, cubic inch, indium, flax, inn, ess, ice, according to, actually, against, an, and, as matter of fact, at, atop, crumble, den, est, female, non, un, indiana, inch, inwards, inside, into, less, linen, ling, nest, not out, print, s, she, stylish, suffering, the, their, trendy, vogueing, within, yne
Finnish muodissa oleva, in, ssa, ssä, paikalla, sisällä, tavattavissa, ni

muodissa oleva antonyms

out of fashion, old fashioned, out of style, ex, unfashionable, old hat, out of, antique, archaic, brick and mortar, dated, demode, mouldy, musty, obsolete, out of date, outmoded, parachronistic, passe, passee, e, ut, out, from, away, exterior, external, outside, without, ex husband, boondock, for instance, apart from, beside, besides, except, extra, oud, e language, vitamin e, eight, extinct, outwith, pisces, so, so that, that, do, utah, greenwich mean time, earth received time, e major, country house, lodge, exwife, pop quiz, quiz, august, axe, come out of closet, e.g, earlier, x, former, frex, in order that, in order to, lute, grass widower, egyptian pound, a, an, and, at, disco biscuit, east, einsteinium, ecstasy, egg translations, erlang, ess, ethyl, ey, he, her, himself, his, how much does it cost, is, it, its, less, ly, night, power pill, s, shi, sie, so what, they, to, whether, xe, yes, your, ze, come out, through, openly, knocked out, proscribed, read, out of reach of

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