muodostaminen synonyms and antonyms


English syndication, formation, constitution, organization


Finnish muodostaminen, myyminen


English constitution, formation, geological formation, shaping, education, training, department of education, train
Finnish muodostaminen, muodostelma, muodostuma, muodostus, muodostuminen, muotoilu


English formation, organization, constitution, united states constitution, composition, fundamental law, establishment, make up, makeup, old ironsides, organisation, physical composition
Finnish muodostaminen, constitution, kokoaminen, koostumus, perustaminen, perustus, rakenne, kokoonpano, old ironsides, perustuslaki


English constitution, organization, machine, organisation, arrangement, administration, system
Finnish muodostaminen, järjestys, järjestäytyminen, organisoituminen, järjestely, järjestäminen, järjestö, organisaatio, organisointi, rakenne, rakentaminen, systeemi

muodostaminen antonyms

mess, disarray, disorder, chaos, dissolution, destruction, tribe, disorganize, disorganise, mess hall, mess up, disorganized, disarrange, confusion, dishevel, disorderliness, collapse, meltdown, breakup, disbandment, disintegration, disorganised, adjournment, profligacy, dissolving, divorce, interruption, self indulgence, havoc, mayhem, turmoil, bedlam, bungle, consumption, demolition, desolation, devastation, eradication, extinction, extirpation, overthrow, ravage, shipwreck, end, federation of tribes, folk, hodgepodge, batch, fix, messiness, muss, mussiness, nation, order, pandemonium, pinch, puree, ruination, shemozzle, snafu, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, touch, trade fair, kinfolk, kin, wipeout, misgiving, announcement, handout

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