muoti synonyms and antonyms


English flavin adenine dinucleotide, dish, barrel, craze, cult, flavorless, furor, furore, insipid, length, platter, rage, tasteless, flavin
Finnish muoti, muotihullutus, villitys, hullutus, muoti ilmiö, palvonta, trendi


English fad, fashion, vogue, mode


English mode, fashion, custom, manner, forge, way
Finnish muoti, muodostaa, muokata, tapa


English fashion, vogue, style, trend, currency, voguing
Finnish muoti, vogue, trendi, tyyli


English fashion, vogue, fad, mode, musical mode, means, manner, mood, accident, go, grammatical mood, modal value, modality, way, custom, habit, blueprint, method, pattern, template, guidance, climate, currency
Finnish muoti, moodi, tila, yleisin arvo

muoti antonyms

frumpy, out, dowdy, frumpish, baron hugh caswall tremenheere dowding, pandowdy, come out, knocked out, come out of closet, august, through, openly, extinct, proscribed, away, outside, read

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