murheellisuus synonyms and antonyms


English mournfulness, gloominess, sorrow


English ruthfulness, sorrowfulness
Finnish murheellisuus, alakuloisuus, surullisuus


English desolation, gloom, lugubriousness, sableness, sadness
Finnish murheellisuus, surullisuus, synkkämielisyys


English sorrow, distress, dole, dolour, grief, regret, rue, ruefulness, sadness, grieve, trouble, unhappiness, visitation
Finnish murheellisuus, the sorrow, huoli, murhe, suru, kaipaus

murheellisuus antonyms

joy, happy, place, pleasure, asylum, blissful, delight, gladness, happiness, gladden, rejoice, joyfulness, joyness, joyousness, merry, mirthful, pleased, satisfied, suitable, bright, cheerful, content, contented, exultant, glad, gratified, fortunate, felicitous, well chosen, happify

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