mushroom synonyms and antonyms


English mushroom shaped cloud, button mushroom, mushroom cloud, common mushroom, bourgeon, burgeon, proliferate, accelerate, accumulate, enlarge, gain, swell, mount, rise, spread, mushroom
war mushroom, libgós, ulapíng

button mushroom

English mushroom, champignon


English proliferate, mushroom, aggregate, amass, amound, collect, gather, heap, hoard, pile up, store, roll up, conglomerate, cumulate


English accumulate, mushroom, increase


English mushroom, shoot, bud, acne


English mushroom, blossom


English mushroom, advance, dispatch, expedite, forward, further, hasten, hurry, pick up, quicken, speed up, speed


English mushroom, embiggen, enlargen, elaborate, blow up, expand, extend


English mushroom, gain, gain ground, accept, acquire, advance, bring in, clear, earn, amplification, profit, addition, reach, derive, gather, get ahead, hill, increase, lucre, make, make headway, pull ahead, pull in, put on, realise, realize, speed up, take in, win, yield, deck, layer, mound, cream, crest, peak, top, natural elevation, net income, ghayn


English mushroom, swell, swell up, crestless wave, ducky, intumesce, puff up, bang up, dandy, toff, well, well up, trendy, tumefy, tumesce


English mushroom, mount, arise, climb, saddle horse, backing, mountain, wax, ride, hop on, put on, put together, setting, month


English mushroom, arise, ascend, ascending, ascension, ascent, boost, climb, climb up, come up, cost increase, get up, go up, head, hike, jump, lift, move up, prove, rear, raise, advance, upgrade, emanation, come back from dead, resurrect, heighten, wax, surface, rebel, originate, rising, uprise


English mushroom, spread, spread eagle, spread head, spread out, circulate, disseminate, distribute, expand, facing pages, lay out, overspread, paste, propagate, put about, scatter, smear, dispersed, outspread, straddle, bedspread, ranch, gap, banquet, diffuse, go around, unfold, spreadhead, spreading

mushroom antonyms

dismount, unmount, decelerate, retard, drop, reduce, shrink, fall, lay, compact, break, go, go down, descend, set, crash, decline, sink, go up, burn down, kip down, go to bed, compact disk, compact car, dismantle, demount, powder compact, shrink back, slow down, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, umount, below, down, delay, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, contract, cut down, diminish, unhorse, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, dwindle, fall down, go out, go away, go game, head shrinker, headshrinker, impede, impoverish, knock down, lessen, lucky break, percussion break, slow, slow up, brake, gather, abate, acquire, agreement, beneath, downstream, under, underneath, downstairs, downwards, at lower place, on lower floor, boil down

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