must synonyms and antonyms


English mustn’t, have to, moldiness, mustiness, commitment, imperative, requisite, unclean, requirement, have, mold, want, black, must
Romanian must, trebui
Swedish must, måste
French must, mout, moût, devoir, falloir, noir, pouvoir
Estonian pidama, mustanahaline

have to

English must, want, got to, be bound to, have got to, need to, gotta
Swedish måste, vara tvungen
French avoir à, devoir, falloir


English have to, must, because, distress, for, lack, mitten, need, require, scarcity, dearth, deficiency, desire, poverty, wish, privation, ask, call for, crave, demand, deserve, inclined, keen, look for, ought, search, set one's heart on, should, without, would like, wind
French avoir envie, vouloir, attendre, avoir besoin de, car, chercher, comme, désir, exiger, gant, hauban, insuffisance, manque, nécessiter, privation, promettre, préférer, recommander, regretter, requérir, réclamer, souhait, suggérer, supposer
Estonian soovima, tahtma


English mustiness, must


English moldiness, must
French devoir, moût, remugle


English requirement, must, needed, needful, prop, required, essential, indispensable, mandatory, necessary, obligatory, prerequisite, condition, necessity, need, precondition
Swedish erforderlig, nödvändig
French nécessaire, nécessité, requis


English requisite, must, imperative mood
French essentiel, impératif, indispensable


English requisite, must, demand, condition, prerequisite, necessity, stipulation
French besoin, exigence, condition, demande, prescription


English must, commitment, allegiance, charge, committal, consignment, dedication, devoir, duty, engagement, guarantee, liability, loyalty, need, oath, obligation, ought, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow, word, committedness
French allégeance, appartenance, dédicace, engagement, envoi, fidélité, livraison, lot, loyauté


English impure, dirty, uncleanly
Swedish oren, smutsig
French immonde, impur
Estonian must, räpane


English must, be able to, have, have got, possess, rook, take, yard, garden, acquire, appear, bird, carry, chattel, experience, feature, get, got, hang onto, rich person, bear, conquer, consume, eat, know, partake, sleep with, give birth, suffer, induce, hold, accept, own, receive, haven’t, i've, make
Swedish ha, äga
French avoir, comporter, demeurer, devoir, disposer, distinguer, détenir, expérience, jardin, mentionner, paraître, posséder, prendre, privilégier, reposer, ressembler, tenir, éprouver, être


English must, mold, cast, clay sculpture, fungus, mildew, modeling, mould, model, determine, shape, molding, moulding
Swedish mögel, gjutform
French moule, mildiou, moisi, moisissure, pays
Estonian hallitus, hallitusseened


English black, black market, pitch black, joseph black, shirley temple black, african american, dark, blackened, bleak, calamitous, disgraceful, grim, sinister, smutty, negroid, total darkness, blackball, blacken, blackamoor, blackness, ink, inkiness, inky, morbid, negro, spook, swart
French black, noir, achromatique, colin vearncombe, galeux, renoi

must antonyms

need not, not, white, whiten, can't, have not, poor person, optional, fungus, need, cannot, can’t, cant, clean, no, no more, no longer, no way, oh no, yeah no, now now, no no, holy smoke, can, needn't, should not, have or have not, cant over, bright, custom, wont, customary, habit, in need of, singing, unnecessary, thesaurus:clean, clean living, clean and jerk, clean out, clean up, dispensable, elective, facultative, inessential, innecessary, make clean, used to, way, wone, refuse, white island, might, should, chant, song, abdicate, argot, border, jargon, slang, bevel, buzzword, bank, decline, disclaim, dustcart, garbage, hundred, lingo, may, mightiness, mightn’t, needless, omissible, discretionary, voluntary, ought, patois, pious platitude, pitch, power, shouldn't, shouldn’t, slant, superfluous, tilt, additional, useless, unneeded, vernacular

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