need synonyms and antonyms


English in need of, needn’t, commitment, indigence, requisite, crave, demand, lack, necessity, motivation, desire, necessitate, these, want, be, need
Estonian pidama, vajama


English necessitate, crave, need, want, claim, imposition, requirement, call for, exact, postulate, request


English demand, need, ask, call for, compel, entail, involve, postulate, require, take


English need, commitment, allegiance, charge, committal, consignment, dedication, devoir, duty, engagement, guarantee, liability, loyalty, must, oath, obligation, ought, pledge, promise, responsibility, undertaking, vow, word, committedness


English demand, want, desire, need, crave, affect, long for, plead, require, yearn for, hunger, jones, lust, pant, starve, thirst, chough


English need, indigence, distress, indigency, pauperism, pauperization, penury


English necessity, need, needed, needful, prop, required, essential, indispensable, mandatory, necessary, obligatory, prerequisite, condition, must, precondition, requirement


English requisite, need, necessity, essential, exigency, fate, inevitability, necessary, requirement


English crave, lack, need, desire, demand, because, distress, for, mitten, require, scarcity, dearth, deficiency, poverty, wish, privation, ask, call for, deserve, have to, inclined, keen, look for, must, ought, search, set one's heart on, should, without, would like, wind
Estonian soovima, tahtma


English crave, need, want, wanna, hope, drive, itch, like, mind, penchant, please, pleasure, thirst, yen


English need, want, paint, scarcity, varnish, lacquer, absence, deficiency, feeble, inexistence, lac, dearth, shortage, miss


English need, motivation, drive, get up and go, incentive, motivating, activation, encouragement, energization, ground, inducement, reason, theme, motive


sco thir, thir anes


English need, be, be going to, pray, request, beryllium, beige, lamb, and, appear, baa, future, exist, get, constitute, cost, embody, equal, bean’t, bee, beseech, breast, by, follow, hunger, into, less, live, night, oath, rest, sit, without, woman
Estonian olema, б

need antonyms

affluence, luxury, request, ask, have, demotivation, impossibility, ask out, unnecessariness, gratuitousness, those, glut, antithesis, embers, glow, richdom, booger, ember, excess, gorge, flood, goo, impossible action, impossibleness, obstruct, oversupply, plethora, surfeit, enough, supply, afford, arrivals, ask for, asking, bespeak, call for, deluxe, furnish, have got, hit up, luxuriousness, lavishness, opulence, plenty, prosperity, richness, splendour, sufficiency, sufficient, sumptuousness, wealth, buildup, fecundicity, fertility, fortune, fraxinus excelsior, ash, ash tree, box, claim, common ash

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