off synonyms and antonyms


English off, cancelled, canceled
Dutch cancelled, geannuleerd
Spanish anulado, cancelado


English cancelled, turned, forth, murder, bad, away, off
Dutch off, weg
sh off, ukradeno lice
Swedish off, från, ifrån, iväg
Spanish off, apagado, malo
Galician off, anulado, apagado, fóra dos plans, non programado
Malay off, nirwarta, dari, daripada, dibatalkan, dipadamkan, keluar dr, mati, merosot, padam, rosak, terhenti


English off, sour
Malay agak basi, agak medak, medak


English forth, off, afield, outside, at bay, aside, by, conflict, out, out of, quarrel, road, weave
Swedish bort, iväg
Spanish fuera, a voluntad
Malay di tempat lawan, tangeh


English away, off, forth, forth river, fromward, onward, forward
sh forth, fort
Malay jauh, jauh dari, keluar


English off, murder, bloodshed, bump off, dispatch, execution, hit, homicide, massacre, assassination, flock, manslaughter, assassinate, cruelly, kill, mar, put to death, spoil, thrash, mangle, polish off, remove, slaughter, slay, slaying
Dutch moord, doodslag
Norwegian drap, mord
sh teško ubistvo, ubistvo, ubojstvo, umorstvo
Danish drab, mord
Spanish asesinato, asesinar, borrar, cargarse, despachar, echarse, eliminar, matar violentamente, quitar de enmedio
Galician asasinato, homicidio
Malay pembunuhan, berpindah, bunuh, homisid, kebentok, melanda, melayangkan, melebas, melenda, melepas, memapas, mematikan, membelasah, membunuh, memukul, menabrak, menakol, mencepol, mencopot, menembak, mengeluarkan, menggenjot, menggetok, menghilangkan, menoyor, menubruk, menyembelih, menyingkirkan, terlanda, tertabrak


English off, bath, addled, abandoned, abominable, badass, base, corrupt, deficient, detestable, disgusting, false, faulty, ill, inferior, lousy, malodorous, poor, punk, rotten, severe, spurious, substandard, unacceptable, unfavorable, ungodly, unsatisfactory, vicious, wanting, wicked, wretched, wrong, defective, forged, high risk, regretful, spoiled, tough, uncollectible, unsound, badly, badness, bathhouse, bathroom, big, boat, evil doer, miserable, naughty, spa, ungood, wind
Norwegian bad, baderom, dårlig
sh clab, loš, slab
Swedish bad, dålig, illa
Danish bad, dårlig
Spanish baño, malo, fuerte, gran, grande, maldad, terrible
Malay buruk, jelek, bangpak, barang merugikan, jahat, melaknatkan, tak elok, tidak baik

off antonyms

come back, hark back, back, reverse, backwards, at home, in one's element, closer, killing, self, return, retort, suicide, self killing, africa, come here, tally, hence, add up, birth, give birth, chalk up, reverse gear, available, accordingly, back to front, back up, backward, awkward, crude, mirror image, contrariwise, hindwards, black eye, blow, calamity, nearer, come in, come, come up, contrary, disaster, finisher, consequently, therefore, invert, other way round, rearward, rearwards, retroflexively, tallyho, count, run, reckoning, total, score, match, vacant, being, against, across from, for, toward, towards, upon, versus, effectual, usable, uncommitted, useable, organism, beingness, cleanup, compared with, contra, existence, face of earth, in exchange for, kid, kill, sidesplitting, kitten, kitty, leveret, misfortune, opposite, putting to death, reversal, inverse, reversion, change by reversal, overrule, revoke, reversed, setback, slaughter, verso, violent death

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