organization synonyms and antonyms


English organization, constitution, arrangement, administration, organisation, confederation, body


English machine, constitution, arrangement, administration, organisation, system, organization


English organisation, organization, constitution, united states constitution, composition, fundamental law, establishment, formation, make up, makeup, old ironsides, physical composition


English organisation, organization, system, arrangement, musical arrangement, placement, agreement, arranging, lay out, order, scheme, set up, settlement, transcription, accommodation


English organization, machine, political machine, simple machine, apparatus, car, facsimile, engine, machinery, puppet, john doe


English organisation, organization, administration, bureaucracy, management, supervision, government, judicature, presidency, arrivals, brass, dispensation, disposal, establishment, giving medication, governance, governing body, town council, running, circuit board, director


English arrangement, machine, organization, system, system of rules, body, dispensation, order, scheme, set up, systematic

organization antonyms

mess, disarray, disorder, chaos, dissolution, destruction, tribe, people, human, disorganize, disorganise, mess hall, mess up, organic fertiliser, organic, organic fertilizer, disorganized, human being, biotic, breakup, disarrange, confusion, disbandment, dishevel, disintegration, disorderliness, disorganised, adjournment, profligacy, dissolving, divorce, interruption, self indulgence, collapse, meltdown, havoc, mayhem, turmoil, bedlam, bungle, consumption, demolition, desolation, devastation, eradication, extinction, extirpation, overthrow, ravage, shipwreck, end, federation of tribes, folk, hodgepodge, nation, order, pandemonium, snafu, topsy turviness, topsy turvydom, topsy turvyness, kinfolk, kin

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