originate synonyms and antonyms

be born

English originate, arise


English be born, spring up, uprise, arise, initiate, invent, begin, develop, grow, rise, start


English spring up, be born, uprise, originate, begin, rise, appear, accrue, ascent, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, get up, go up, issue, mount, occur, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, soar, start up, surface, bob up, come up, get to one's feet, materialize, stand up, well up

spring up

English arise, originate


English arise, originate, rise, ascend, get up, resurrect, bristle


English originate, begin, enlightened, induct, novice, introduce, lead up, broach, install, learned person, pioneer, pundit, savant


English originate, invention, contrive, create, devise, excogitate, forge, form, formulate, hammer, discover, fangle, fabricate


English uprise, arise, originate, ascend, ascending, ascension, ascent, boost, climb, climb up, come up, cost increase, get up, go up, head, hike, jump, lift, move up, mushroom, prove, rear, raise, advance, upgrade, emanation, come back from dead, resurrect, heighten, wax, surface, rebel, rising


English initiate, originate, arise, start, begin, menachem begin, commence, get down, beginning, get, get on with, gin, inception, lead off


English originate, grow, develop, acquire, come on, break, build up, modernize, train, explicate, evolve, expand, make grow


English originate, develop, acquire, blossom, farm, get, mature, turn, plant, produce, raise


English begin, originate, start, head start, start off, start out, start up, beginning, activate, commence, embark on, execute, fistfight, from scratch, get going, go, inception, initiative, introduce

originate antonyms

get down, lower, sit, sit down, fall down, fall, descend, go down, get, get off, get on up, set, write down, lay down, lie down, sit down strike, repose, lay, sleep, lie, go, put down, commence, come down, swallow, depress, unhorse, rock house, set about, set out, start out, abandon, couch, establish, crash, decline, sink, go up, burn down, kip down, go to bed, make, be seated, seat, take load off, sitting down, abed, in bed, crockery set, exercise set, trygve halvden lie, lower berth, baby sit, sit around, down, sitting, set theory, stage set, set up, go game, juncus, seth

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