own synonyms and antonyms


English confess, responsible, possess, ain, have, hold, beat
German eigen, ownen, besitzen, haben, eingestehen, zugeben


English own, acknowledge, concede, fink, squeal, tell all
German beichten, bekennen, gestehen, verraten


English own, responsible for, corresponding, dependable, creditworthy, trustworthy, trusty
German schuld, verantwortlich, verantwortlich zeichnen, verantwortungsbewusst, verantwortungsvoll


English own, have, inhold, seise


English possess, own, hold, have, have got, yard, garden, acquire, appear, be able to, bird, carry, chattel, experience, feature, get, got, hang onto, rich person, bear, conquer, consume, eat, know, must, partake, sleep with, give birth, suffer, induce, take, accept, receive, haven’t, i've, make, rook
German own, garten, haben, kriegen, nehmen, verunfallen, vogel, drink, fuck


English own, ain, ayin, eye, fishhook, iron translations, an
German ain, ner


English own, have, hold up, take hold, team, association, graceful, acre, bear, carry, contain, detain, fermata, give, grasp, gripe, handle, hang onto, stronghold, clasp, cargo area, appreciation, detention, delay, happen, deem, agree, declare, oblige, defend, restrain, harbor, halt, retain, control, reserve, accommodate, apply, defy, keep, prevail, lunar, make, meek, moon, pleasant, support, sustain, throw
German mannschaft, team, abstand, halten, anmutig, hübsch, treu, zugetan, laderaum, seitenstechen, zierlich, schiffsraum, źaržaś


English own, beat, beat out, beat stuffing out of, beat up, beat up against wind, fantabulosa, all in, rhythm, pulse, beatnik, meter, punch, exhaust, perplex, outwit, pulsate, drum, tick, beated, beaten, bunk, bushed, crush, drunk, drunken, flap, hammer, intoxicated, lambaste, larrup, outscore, outshine, pound, round, scramble, shell, tack about, thump, tipsy, tired, top, trounce, vanquish, wave about, way, whip, work over
German beat, abschlagen, besiegen, bezwingen, bodigen, distanzieren, hauen, klopfen, pochen, prügeln, schlag, schlagen, schwebung, trommeln, verbläuen, bang, hammer

own antonyms

give up, let go, let go of, lease, rent, let, lose, drop, have not, poor person, flow, go, break, give, give away, denounce, disclose, let on, throw up one's hands, abandon, abdicate, abstain, allow, give it gun, rev up, tach up, drop out, surrender, kick, forfeit, release, spare, vacate, discontinue, phone up, give ring, relinquish, yield, leggo, loose, have or have not, awake, disown, irresponsible, flow rate, rate of flow, economic rent, rent out, take on lease, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, disavow, renounce, disinherit, drop curtain, drop goal, drop kick, drop of water, drop off, expel, foolhardy, lucky break, percussion break, leasing, lack, adopt, down, yeast, lacquer, varnish, absence, accept, affiliate, appropriate, approve, assume, avow, espouse, father, foster, maintain, dramatize, affect, borrow, carry, charter, cut down, deficiency, down in mouth, down pat, john l h down, down feather, engage, false, feeble, follow, glean, go out, go away, go game, hire, inexistence, knock down, lac, dearth, need, scarcity, shortage, miss, letting, paint, pull down, push down, put, put option, rental, shoot down, take, take in, take over, take up, term of contract, untrue, want

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