pain sensation synonyms and antonyms


English painful sensation, pain sensation, pain, anguish, annoy, bait, bread, breadwinner, bun, distress, ed, gripe, hurt, hurting, ill, loaf, nuisance, effort, grief, punishment, toil, pest, annoyance, afflict, pain in neck, painfulness, pan assay interference compound, pang, pine, soreness, trouble, loaf of bread, pint

pain sensation antonyms

enjoyment, pleasure, comfort, joy, relief, feel, feeling, feel good, good feeling, feeling good, fee fees, feels, intuitive feeling, pleasure to meet you, sculptural relief, delectation, delight, happiness, use, feast, fun, terrain, relish, alleviation, amusing, assuagement, asylum, aura, blissful, changeover, changing, aid, consolation, liss, satisfaction, quilt, ease, besoothe, console, encourage, revive, strengthen, comfortableness, domesticity, embossment, emotion, enjoyable, entertaining, impression, touch, spirit, gladness, heart, gladden, rejoice, joyfulness, joyness, joyousness, place, solace, soothe, convenience

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