parve synonyms and antonyms


English pareve, little, small


English parve, pareve
Finnish parve, pareve


English small, little, little bit, any amount, baby, base, bit, few, handful, contemptible, feeble, inconsiderable, insignificant, mean, narrow, niggardly, paltry, petty, scanty, selfish, short, slender, slight, stingy, tiny, unimportant, weak, wee, fiddling, microscopic, minuscule, skosh, somewhat, trifle, low, mite, slightly, some amount, some extent, tad
Finnish pieni, hieman, hiukan, pikkuisen, vähän, ei paljoakaan, hyvin vähän, pikku, vähäinen


English little, small, dwarf, minor, poky, lowercase, diminished, humble, microscopic, minuscule, modest, pocket size, weak
Finnish pieni, pienessä mitassa, pieni koko, ristiselkä, vaatimattomasti, vähäinen

parve antonyms

big, large, thigh, lot of, much, loads of, large amount of, lots of, plenty of, plenty, enough, adult, lot, crowd, gig, great, city, not little, capital, many, bog, bog down, crowd together, peat bog, rio grande, big island, working capital, capital city, god, city of london, city center, city centre, inner city, blue, grown up, pornographic, fully grown, big suit, capital letter, city of london corporation, full grown, fizgig, giglot, spear, gigabyte, gout, grownup, mayor and commonalty and citizens of city of london, middle voice, middle, plenitude, plenteousness, plentifulness, plentitude, abundance, profusion, batch, richness, set, big shot, flight, authoritative, grand, majuscule, momentous, equity, principal, book, downtown, plumb line, plummet, allotment, beat band, huge, ample, bad, bighearted, heavy, magnanimous, prominent, self aggrandising, vainglorious, with child, major league, boastfully, bogland, mire, boots on ground, bow, branch, breakthrough, breeze, build, building site, bunch, cap

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