pentadecimal synonyms and antonyms


English quindecimal, base


English pentadecimal, base, free base, base of operations, foundation, pedestal, support, footing, basset hound, basis, evidence, rank and file, guard, hovedkvarter, alkali, bad, bag, common, little, low lying, basal, baseborn, immoral, lowly, meanspirited, infrastructure, floor, root, nucleotide, al qaeda, establish, bottom, build, cousin, decimal, decimal number, dirty, duodecimal, hexadecimal, home, keystone, mainstay, mean, octal, on, point guard, prisoners bars, radix, stand, station, tetradecimal, vile, mounting, basic, basement

pentadecimal antonyms

home, home plate, plate, home base, acid, apex, crown, top, head, admirable, noble, apex of sun's way, solar apex, desirable, oxygen, likeable, tube top, amiable, crown attorney, humming top, likable, congenial, enjoyable, sympathetic, oic acid, peak, point, acme, awe inspiring, read write head, head up, head word, high, home page, nursing home, rest home, sour, spinning top, tart, top of inning, top off, top out, top quark, top side, end, zenith, vertex, battery acid, suitable, elite, cannon, ball, baronial, upstanding, nobleman, noblewoman, garage, union, weather, employee, intellectual, mother, religionist, survivor, suspect, award, blunt, cannonball, coping, coronate, cover, crest, caser, completion, corona, coronet, garland, monarchy, pate, pennant, crownwork, diadem, dull, fag, group, honorable, krone, lofty, lordly, great, superior, title, treetop

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