perdersi synonyms and antonyms


English disappear, miss


English vanish, dematerialize, melt, go, go away
Italian perdersi, dileguarsi, scomparire, sparire, volatilizzarsi


English miss, bom, escape, lack, leave out, lose, misfire, mississippi, girl, neglect, mistake, want
Italian perdersi, miss a, signorina, mancare, fallire, mancare il bersaglio, perdere, sbagliare, scampare

perdersi antonyms

hit, reach, appear, have, sir, master, title, master's degree, reach out, statute title, title of respect, unmarried, master copy, master recording, celibate, have got, catch, professional wrestling, claim, form of address, nonmarried, single, unhitched, unwed, unwedded, cheese, county, acquire, answer, appearance, arise, arrive, become, come, crop out, dawn, emerge, heave in sight, known, look, loom, obvious, occur, offer, oneself, open, present, seem, sight, turn up, visible, apprehend, arrest, arrive at, attain, captain, captive, chorus, grasp, haul, observation, prize, seizure, snag, snatch, stop, apprehension, capture, fang, take, trip up, overtake, get, hitch, watch, come along, come into being, come into sight, come out, contact, contract, control, crackerjack, detect, extend to, fasten, fiend, gain, garlic, get hang, get hold of, get through, get to, gimmick, grab, guru, head, instructor, john, look for, look like, maestro, make, materialize, place, premiership, progress to, scope, compass, range, strive, pass, achieve, reaching, rubric, stretch, crown, heading, deed, championship, entitle, style, touch

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