pericolo synonyms and antonyms


English peril, hazard, risk, danger, jeopardy, gamble
Italian pericolo, jeopardy, rischio


English jeopardy, peril, hazard, danger, risk
Italian insidia, minaccia, rischio


English jeopardy, hazard, danger, risk, endanger, riskiness, queer
Italian pericolo, periglio


English jeopardy, peril, risk, hazard, gambling, accident, endangerment, gamble, luck, guess, venture, jeopardize
Italian pericolo, rischio


English jeopardy, peril, hazard, risk, danger, menace, safe, riskiness, queer
Italian pericolo, mala parata, malaparata
vec pericolo, pericol, pericoło, perigoło


English jeopardy, peril, hazard, danger, risk, risk of exposure, risk of infection, gamble, jeopardize, lay on line, put on line
Italian pericolo, risk, rischio, alea, periglio, rischiare
vec ris cio, rixego

pericolo antonyms

safe, secure, insurance, safety, safety catch, acquire, act out, assure, axe, carry through, fasten, insure, lash, coffer, comfortable, dangerless, neutralize, paralyse, protect, reliable, safetify, dependable, unattackable, guarantee, batten, plug, procure, trustworthy, unafraid, untroubled, being, assurance, policy, indemnity, organism, beingness, existence, face of earth, prophylactic, riskfree, harmless, wicked, condom, strongbox, refuge, guard, base hit, security, thing

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