permissivo synonyms and antonyms


English permissive, compliant, lenient


English broad minded, lax


English conciliatory, conforming, docile, weak, well fitting
Portuguese complacente, submisso, cooperante
Italian permissivo, accondiscendente, arrendevole, assenziente, condiscendente, consenziente, corrivo, malleabile, maneggevole, prono, remissivo


English clement, forbearing, indulgent, lax
Italian permissivo, indulgente, tollerante

permissivo antonyms

strict, stringent, severe, recalcitrant, hardhanded, blue collar, domineering, bolshie, close fitting, draconian, rigorous, tight, obstreperous, argumentative, stubborn, refractory, bad, dour, exact, exacting, hard and fast, harsh, rigid, stern, accurate, austere, blue, careful, close, confined, inflexible, limited, particular, precise, puritanical, restricted, scrupulous, strained, straitlaced, tense, uncompromising, unyielding, nonindulgent, tough, porcini, brutal, extreme, hard, heavy, intense, serious, knockout, life threatening, spartan, terrible, severely

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