persona di servizio synonyms and antonyms


English servant, maid servant, man servant, servant girl, basin, help, lackey, retainer, domestic worker, handmaid, servitor, thrall, washbasin
Italian persona di servizio, domestico, famiglio, servitore, servo, cameriere, inserviente

persona di servizio antonyms

in charge, boss, lord, master, freedom, king, free, help, charge, mistress, free of charge, at helm, free man, free person, man, hired help, party boss, lady’s maid, maid, maid servant, master's degree, riley b king, employee, hired, paid, martin luther king jr, bursting charge, electric charge, explosive charge, family, free people, help oneself, chartered, household help, billie jean moffitt king, master copy, master recording, baas, director, maiden, wench, amah, bruce springsteen, knob, foreman, emboss, brag, burd, chambermaid, gaffer, gal, garbage, girl, guv, head, head man, hirer, housemaid, damsel, handmaiden, charwoman, maidservant, milk, gainful, nonrecreational, servant girl, shirt, trash, nobleman, churg strauss syndrome

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