pezzo synonyms and antonyms


English magazine article, news article, hunk, chunk, scrap, passage, piece, man
Italian parte, rocchio

news article

English news story, newspaper article


English chunk, piece, clod, beefcake, lump
Italian pezzo, tozzo, bel pezzo


English hunk, chunk, polyword, bloc, ball, collocate, lump, clod
Italian pezzo, tocco


English scrap, fall out, jettison, junk, part, fight, bit, rubbish, quarrel, trash
Italian pezzo, frammento, cascame


English hunk, man, bit, briquette, link, part, patch, firearm, objet d art, musical composition, slice, while, nibble, assemble, portion, selection
Italian pezzo, parte, porzione, brano


English passage, musical passage, access, alley, alleyway, excerpt, gangway, hall, handing over, journey, part, pass, passing, enactment, passageway, path, thoroughfare, transit, transition, voyage, way, crossing, switch, bye, shift, move, cross
Italian pezzo, passage, passo, passaggio, brano, luogo, pagina, punto, strada, trapasso


English piece, man, isle of man, a'man, hand, metropolitan area network, maniac, one, you, adult male, anyone, batman, broha, dude, fella, guy, humankind, husband, mad gunman, chess piece, mankind, person, human, male, human race, humanity, homo, world, serviceman, valet, mane, manitoba, mulberry, my, operative, mann, avers, but
Italian pezzo, mane, si, cavolo, ragazzi, uomo, maschio

pezzo antonyms

female person, female, baby, husband, adult, farmer, animal, break, lady, people, boy, girl, fannie merritt farmer, james leonard farmer, baby's, big baby, dress, full dress, dress out, dress up, horus, beggar, her, animal translations, break down, break in, break dance, break away, break of serve, break off, break out, break up, lucky break, percussion break, complete, suit, whole, noblewoman, fro, big, blue, grown up, pornographic, fully grown, aggregate, agriculturist, army, mendicant, palliard, ruin, challenge, done, entire, accomplished, concluded, consummate, unadulterated, accomplish, finish

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