piagnucolio synonyms and antonyms


English whimper, whine


English whine, cry, gripe, wail
Italian piagnucolio, belato, cantilena, lagna, piagnucolamento


English whimper, complain, grizzle, querulous, snivel, squeak, yammer, yawp
Italian piagnucolio, frigno, lagna, piagnisteo, sibilo, uggiolio, frignare

piagnucolio antonyms

bang, roll in hay, adhan, afraid, anxiously, bam, exclamation point, explosion, fringe, strike, hit, knock, slapdash, fuck, nail, slam, spang, bank, beat, blast, bong, boot, burst, call to prayer, charge, clap, ecphoneme, eruption, flush, frighten, kick, plonk, report, rush, scared, swap, tap, thrill

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