place synonyms and antonyms


English frame of mind, elbow room, topographic point, come in, come out, localise, juxtapose, localize, courtyard, stead, digit, location, plaza, achieve, seat, square, position, space, home, place, deposit, reach, identify, rate, station, target, put, set, invest, locate, property, room, shoes, site
French position, place, endroit, lieu, accorder, appliquer, apposer, dérouler, effectuer

frame of mind

English place, state of mind

elbow room

French place, espace, marge de manœuvre

topographic point

English place, spot
French point, endroit, lieu

come in

English place, come, interject, enter

come out

English place, come out of closet, out, turn out, fall out, come on, come to fore, appear, erupt, issue, protrude, egress, eject, emerge


English localize, place, set


English localise, place, focalise, focalize, set


English place, put, side by side
French jouxter, juxtaposer


English place, park, yard, court
French arrière cour, cour


English place, position, kindred, lieu
French place, lieu


English stead, location, place, position, military position, status, attitude, berth, billet, office, part, perspective, placement, side, situation, stell, put, post, posture, spatial relation, spot, stance, station, view
French place, position, attitude, emploi


English place, digit, dactyl, finger, figure, number, character, quality
French doigt, orteil, chiffre


English place, localization, placement, point, lease, rental, renting
French position, place, emplacement, lieu, localisation, situation, localité, louage


English place, square, seat, position, plaza, town square, center, mall, market, piazza, public square, shopping center, shopping centre, shopping mall, street, opening, vacancy, marketplace
French place, centre, centre commercial, centre d achat, centre d achats, esplanade, rond point, winkelgalerij


English place, reach, accomplish, acquire, act out, arrive at, attain, carry through, do
French aboutir, accomplir, atteindre, confectionner, obtenir, parvenir, remporter, réaliser


English plaza, place, square, roof square, steel square, public square, square meal, square toes, square up, balance, bourgeois, cigarette, foursquare, just, lame, right angle, second power, above board, orthogonal, satisfying, straight, straightforward, hash, piazza, tetragon, squarely, feather, straight ahead
French place, square, carré, acquitter, boiteux, carreau, case, directement


English place, seat, constituency, buttocks, induct, seven, sit, sit down
French place, seat, asseoir, banquette, chaise, siège, siéger


English place, space, blank space, outer space, blank, gap, infinite, interval, quadrat, ether, quad, room, volume, distance, way
French place, blanc


English place, home, home base, home page, home plate, nursing home, rest home, man, homo, world, husband, abiding place, civilization, domicile, interior, tenement, dwelling, family, base, homeward, homelyn, household appliance, man translations, mildew, mold, rhizopus, stripe blight, twig blight
French foyer, abriter, accueil, chez soi, demeure, domestique, domicile

place antonyms

dona, base, absence, apartment, circle, ball, attack, earth, end, muller, sand muller, friedrich max muller, hermann joseph muller, johann muller, johannes peter muller, karl alex muller, paul hermann muller, rib, chop, cutlet, spouse, absence of mind, apartment building, traffic circle, dress circle, egress, wife, errand, woman, musket ball, lucille ball, free base, base of operations, business concern, business, business organisation, business organization, business sector, come to end, middle earth, mother earth, earth up, exit, departure, emergence, issue, egression, emersion, entrustment, noblewoman, stage business, rosca, don river, goatfish, abroad, fail, culprit, perpetrator, non attendance, abate, overseas, astray, in error, out of doors, outside, widely, lack, petit mal epilepsy, afield, agent, flat, bad, betray, bomb, break, break down, collapse, conk out, decay, decline, die, donate, doughnut, failure, fall on one's face, flunk, flush it, founder, gentlewoman, give out, give way, go, go bad, go wrong, hiccup, inexistence, lady, pestle, ruminator, petit mal, want, epilepsia minor

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