play with full deck synonyms and antonyms


English play with full deck, healthily, in one's right mind, reasonable, sledge, vocable

play with full deck antonyms

few sandwiches short of picnic, one card shy of full deck, few cards shy of full deck, crazy, insane, unbalanced, imbalanced, out of whack, brainsick, mentally ill, nutcase, weirdo, mad, harebrained, barmy, bonkers, bug, deranged, off chain, thesaurus:insane, dotty, softheaded, lunatic, bananas, barking, barking mad, batcrap, batpoop, bats, batshit, batty, bread baskets, cook, cracked, crackers, cray, cray cray, crazed, cuckoo, daft, demented, doolally, eccentric, fruit loops, fucked up, hatstand, kooky, loony, loony tunes, loopy, mental, mentally disturbed, non compos mentis, nucking futs, nuts, nutso, nutty, potty, psycho, psychotic, screwy, squirrelly, weird, whacko, looney

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