point of inflection synonyms and antonyms


English point of inflection, angle grinder, bend, cord, deform, turn, twist

point of inflection antonyms

point, absorption point, on point, distributor point, decimal point, compass point, point in time, power point, titres non pris en charge point, topographic point, aim, allude, apposite, dot, electric socket, footstep, full stop, gunpoint, head, inverse, joint, jot, peak, period, end, location, mark, moment, opinion, ord, spot, detail, item, degree, sharpen, bespeak, indicate, charge, target, steer, luff, orient, pointedness, repoint, speck, stitch, tip, verge, wall plug, stop, bell ringer, fulcrum, polka dot, consequence, singularity, component, question, sign, department of transportation, locus, venue, here and now

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