present synonyms and antonyms

lay out

English present, spread out, format, adjustment, scheme, set up, extend, spread eagle, range


English lay out, present tense, bestowment, adduce, actual, introduce, portray, deliver, salute, gift, appear, current, nowadays, pose, confront, stage, award, show, give, present
Catalan present, actualitat, formular, obsequio, plantejar, presentar, presentar se, proposar, regal, transferir, traspassar
Danish present, gave, nutid, nutiden, overrække, tilstedeværende
Swedish andra, nutid, paket, gåva, skänk


English present, bestowal


English present, abduce, advance, allege, assign, cite, mention, name, quote, urge, instance in


English present, current, actual, cutting edge, on going, up to date, positive, real, factual, genuine, at moment, existent, nontheoretical, topical, present day
Catalan actual, real, veritable
Swedish faktisk, reell, verklig


English present, electric current, fashionable, topical, electricity, flow, stream, new, nowaday, relevant
Catalan corrent, corrent elèctric, riu
Danish elektrisk strøm, nærværende, strøm
Swedish ström, strömning


English present, acquaint, bring out, initiate, innovate, insinuate, broach, commence, conduct, induct, insert, usher in, inaugurate, precede, bring in, reenact
Danish introducere, præsentere


English present, act, depict, describe, limn, impersonate


English present, come up with goods, free, utter, give birth, render, hand over, surrender, extradite, rescue, disengage, drive home, pitch, redeem, save
Catalan despatxar, entregar, lliurar, redimir
Danish levere, befri, udfri


English present, salute, cheers, health, hello, hi, military greeting, salutation, toast
Catalan aclamar, rebre, saludar, salutació, salutació militar


English present, give, gift, poison, married, anger, toxin, wrath, allotment, bequest, dole, donation, douceur, endowment, flair, ability, allowance, contribution, favor, favour, giving, contribute, donate, endow, venom
Catalan present, donació, obsequi, regal, metzina, verí
Danish present, gift, donation, gave
Swedish present, gift, gåva, skänk
oc present, don


English present, answer, appearance, arise, arrive, become, come, crop out, dawn, emerge, have, heave in sight, known, look, loom, obvious, occur, offer, oneself, open, seem, sight, turn up, visible, come along, come into being, come into sight, come out, look like, materialize
Catalan aparèixer, apuntar, comparèixer, estrenar se, personar se, semblar, sortir


English appear, present, show, show up, connote, demo, demonstrate, display, displaying, exhibit, gig, indicate, manifest
Catalan demostració, demostrar, ensenyar, espectacle, exhibició, mostra, mostrar, provar, xou
Danish show, demonstrere


English present, in this day and age, now, anymore, currently, presently, right now, today, these days
Catalan actualment, avui dia
Swedish nu för tiden, numer, numera


English present, porch, pouch, assurance, float, after, afterwards, attitudinize, bag, common cold, head cold, impersonate, pass oneself off, personate, affectation, airs, model, perplex, put, posture, propose, put on airs, sack, tote, sitting, installation, up
Catalan fardar, presumir
oc metre, pausar


English present, accost, abut, address, stand up to, withstand, face, face up


English present, stage, microscope stage, stage coach, apprenticeship, arrange, baiting place, halting place, internship, leg, limelight, pull up, represent, level, tier, stagecoach, degree, phase, fake, staging post, step, stopping place, season, placement
Catalan escena, escenari, estrada, etapa, portaobjectes, teatre, estadi, fase, pas
Danish scene, spilleplads, stadie, praktik


English present, award, accolade, adjudication, prize, crown, awarding, decide, decoration, grant, honor, honour, laurels
Catalan adjudicar, atorgar, cessió, concedir, conferir, guardó, honor, llorer, veredicte


English gift, present, give
Danish give, give efter

present antonyms

take away, take, receive, pick up, bear away, carry away, gather up, lift up, perk up, take out, pretend, goodbye, break up, pick, fake, conclusion, ship, future, potential, pick up phone, pick phone up, speed up, pick up speed, bear off, carry off, detract, from, deduct, deprive, remove, subtract, takeout, pickup, accelerate, lay hold of, answer, turn around, learn, peck, collar, elate, catch, collect, pickup truck, cartridge, hypothetical, future tense, keep, keep open, pick out, electric potential, act, conditional, conjectural, counterfeit, dissemble, supposititious, likely, minor, smaller, sayonara, littler, toodeloo, receiving, adieu, accept, affect, ark, au revoir, be, boat, charlatan, cheerio, close, closing, coming, decision, deduction, termination, ending, stopping point, copy

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