prisoner synonyms and antonyms


English prisoness, internee, captive, prisoner


English prisoner, captive, engrossed, imprisoned

prisoner antonyms

guard, free, free man, man, guard duty, surrender, free of charge, free people, abandon, abdicate, capitulate, cede, deliver, extradite, give up, relinquish, relinquishment, renunciation, resign, capitulation, giving up, resignation, hand over, strike one's flag, yield, bodyguard, captor, corrections officer, fence, fender, protection, quillon, precaution, defend, jailer, protect, protector, safety, safety device, sentry, tend, ticket collector, ward, complimentary, costless, discharge, disengage, fetterless, destitute, detached, liberal, spare, loose, liberate, manumit, unblock, absolve, dislodge, release, rid, exempt, gratuitous, independent, migration, open, rescue, spring, unfettered, unimprisoned, unincarcerated, unloose, unloosen, west germany

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