ramener synonyms and antonyms

bring back

English return, bring to, bring up
French ramener, rapporter, faire revenir


English bring back, reel in, pull down, hark back, bring forward, bring again, come back, fetch, recall, restore, advance, return, level, back
French rappliquer, remener

reel in

French ramener, tirer hors de l eau

pull down

English level, break down, take down, down, dismantle, demolish
French ramener, rabattre, abaisser, démolir


English bring back, hark back, come back, return key, tax return, coming back, counterblow, getting even, go back, homecoming, issue, paying back, payoff, proceeds, gaincoming, round trip, reappearance, restoration, rejoinder, recurrence, revert, render, retort, fall, refund, reelect, take, take back, takings, yield
French ramener, retourner, revenir, s en retourner, commission, contrepartie, entrée, problème, profit, recette, remettre, rendement, rendre, rentrer, rentrée, renvoi, retour, revenu, s’ en retourner, échange


English pull down, level, level off, spirit level, dismantle, equalize, even, flat, horizontal, layer, unwavering, floor, horizontal surface, degree, grade, charge, flush, parameters, plane, rase, raze, stage, station, stratum, take down, tear down, tied
French ramener, niveau, plat, bac, baccalauréat, abattre, cadence, classe, couche, démolir, gisement, gradin, horizontal, niveau à bulle, niveler, plaine, raser, strate, stratum

hark back

English recall, come back, return, harken back
French ramener, rappeler, rendre, revenir


English hark back, recall, call back, call in, callback, memory, pull, flash back, recollect, remember, reminisce, think, withcall, echo, recollection, reminiscence, withdraw
French ramener, mémoire, rappeler, retirer, réminiscence, se rappeler, souvenir

bring forward

English advance, call up, move

come back

English hark back, return, retort, africa
French ramener, revenir, retour, rapatrier, rendre, rentrée, réintégrer


English bring forward, in advance, advance payment, cash advance, accelerate, adduce, beforehand, progress, overture, improvement, aggrandize, allege, assign, elevate, exalt, heighten, raise, boost, gain, promote, approach, attend to, come close, come closer, dignify, earlier, expectant, go forward, go on, go up, march on, move on, pass on, preneed, prepay, push forward, rise, set ahead, throw out, way
French ramener, improve, acompte, aider, arriver, avance, avancement, avancer, continuer, grandir, hausser, inspirer, offre, pousser, prendre, progresser, proposer, précipiter, précédent, recueillir, requête, se passer, souscription, évoluer


English bring, bring in
French ramener, aller chercher, rapporter, amener, apporter


English reconstruct, reestablish, refurbish, reinstate, renew, renovate, restitute, regenerate, repair
French ramener, restaurer, rétablir, reconstituer, relever, restituer


English back, aback, abaft, after, rear, former, remote, hinder, backrest, dorsum, reverse, binding, spinal column, backward, backwards, bet on, second, back up, btk, buttress, crate, defenceman, endorse, forecastle, indorse, once more, plump for, plunk for, support, verso
French ramener, accoter, aider, approuver, appui, appuyer, arrière, dater, dos, dossier, détourner, faire reculer, fond, maintenir, re, recouvrir, reculer, remettre, remonter, rentrer, reprendre, retourner, retrouver, râble, soutenir, tapisser

ramener antonyms

sloped, slanted, bumpy, basic, leave, late, going backward, skew, sloping, slanting, unreel, reel out, reel off, crooked, backward, depose, jolting, declare, swear, displace, force out, knaggy, leave alone, leave behind, leave of absence, rough, skewed, one sided, thence, thenceforth, tilted, canted, venal, retreat, uneven, aback, abc, alkaline, antiquated, ark, back away, back down, back off, back out, back up, backwards, retrograde, third world, feebleminded, canonical, introductory, bent, bug out, corrupt, crawfish, crawfish out, asymmetrical, round shouldered, foundational, going, departure, passing, home of rest, mafic, mismatched, odd, scratchy, abandon, allow, allow for, belated, bequeath, depart, dissociate, go, go away, go forth, go out, holiday, previous, recent, belatedly, deep, latterly, later, lead, leaf, farewell, forget, exit, entrust, impart, let alone, milk, oasis, place of refuge, pull back, pull in one's horns, rest his soul, resting place, retirement

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