rapidement synonyms and antonyms


English in short order, expeditiously, swiftly
French rapidement, aller bon train

in short order

English apace, rapidly, quickly, chop chop, speedily
French rapidement, diligemment, vite


English in short order, expeditiously, quickly, speedily


English in short order, early on, apace, shallowly, shortly, barricaded, truehearted, expeditiously, swiftly, cursorily, fleetly, quicker, rapidly, promptly, hurriedly, quickly, fast, tight
French dar et dar, diligemment, dare dare, en cinq sept, en deux coups de cuiller à pot, en deux coups les gros, en deux deux, en deux temps trois mouvements, en moins de deux, en moins de temps qu’ il ne faut pour le dire, en moins de temps qu’ il ne faut pour l’ écrire, en ni une ni deux, en quatrième vitesse, en trois coups de cuiller à pot, en trombe, en un tournemain, en vitesse, fissa, hâtivement, illico presto, prestement, promptement, précipitamment, rondement, vite, vite fait bien fait, à fond de train, à fond la caisse, à fond la gomme, à fond les ballons, à fond les manettes, à grand train, à grande vitesse, à la hâte, à la va vite, à toute vitesse, vélocement, à toute allure


English in short order, expeditiously, cursorily, promptly, rapidly, fast, all of sudden, feverishly, quick, speedily, yarely
French rapidement, vite, diligemment, promptement
nrf rapidement, vite

early on

French rapidement, tôt


English apace, promptly, rapidly, swiftly, fast, quickly, efficiently
French rapidement, efficacement


English expeditiously, quickly, right away, pronto, punctually, readily
French rapidement, aisément, diligemment, facilement, illico, promptement, précisément


English apace, expeditiously, fleetly, fast


English expeditiously, truehearted, swiftly, quickly, tight, fast, colour fast, solid, lavishness, pomp, luxury, all but, almost, nearly, debauched, deep, easy, express, swift, ahead, firm, fortified, quick, degenerate, flying, immobile, fasting, deeply, firmly, short acting, snappy, speedy, tenacious, unflinching, reindeer
French rapidement, presque, à peu près, jeûner, concret, ferme, immeuble, jeûne, profondément, rapide, renne, robuste, solide, vite


English fast, firm, loyal
French rapidement, droit, jeûner, rapide


French rapidement, superficiellement, vite


English off handedly, before long, concisely, curtly
French rapidement, incessamment


English barred, blockaded
French rapidement, fermé à clef, fermé à clé, jeûner, rapide


French rapidement, vite


English hastily, in hurry, precipitously, in haste, in rush
French rapidement, hâtivement, précipitamment, à la hâte, à la sauvette, à la va vite


English fast, close fitting, critical, strict, ace, boozy, close, close fisted, compact, contest, disguise, drew, drunk, firmly, impassable, intoxicated, leaky, loose, mellow, miserly, narrow, parsimonious, penurious, polished, stingy, stinky, strait, taut, blind drunk, compressed, nasty, stringent, soundly, closely
French rapidement, étroit, jeûner, rapide, serré, vite, étriqué

rapidement antonyms

loose, baggy, slowly, behind, slack, slow, penetrable, local, light, stretch fabric, let loose, loose limbed, on loose, slack up, slack water, loosely, loose fitting, eat on, eat, full, local anesthetic, apart, asunder, separately, sparsely, broadly speaking, slackly, low, low lying, low pitched, low toned, sir david alexander cecil low, permeable, slow down, slow up, stretch along, stretch, stretch out, crap, common carp, badly, quite, totally, intact, all, bad, poorly, disadvantageously, mischievously, seriously, balls, behave, bullshit, ca, carp, code, completely, bollocks, lousy, shit, shite, rcap, poop, stool, crapola, damn it, dirt, do do, drat, entire, feces, fiddlefart, ill, lax, leisurely, lento, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, limp, little by little, stone, turd, leasurely, tardily, lose, position, site, broad, premises, aback, abaft, abduct, after, bas relief, in back of

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