rattraper synonyms and antonyms


English catch up with, earn back, win back, catch up, recoup, regain, recover

catch up with

English make up, overtake

earn back

English recoup, win back, regain, recover
French rattraper, regain, regagner


English earn back, win back, regain, recover, reclaim, withhold, reimburse
French rattraper, recouvrer, regagner, reprendre

win back

English earn back, recoup, regain, recover, get back
French rattraper, regain, regagner


English earn back, win back, recoup, recover, aftermath, reclaim, find
French rattraper, reclaim, reconquérir, reprendre, arrière foin, recouvrer, regagner


English earn back, win back, recoup, regain, find, find back, go back, reclaim, convalesce, recapture, rescue, recuperate, retrieve
French rattraper, recouvrer, guérir, regagner, reprendre, repêcher, restituer, récupérer, trouver

catch up

French rattraper, rattrapage

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