ravager synonyms and antonyms


English lay waste to, plunder, decimate, desolate, destructive, harry
French ravager, anéantir, dévaster, foudroyer

lay waste to

English devastate, ravage, waste, desolate, scourge
French ravager, dévaster


English lay waste to, destroy, ravage, depredation, desolate, desolation, destruction, devastation, harry, havoc, plunder
French ravager, ravage, destruction, désastre, ruine


English lay waste to, devastate, ravage, destroy


English ravage, perish, put down, ruin, desolate, annihilate, break, demolish, eradicate, kill, waste, destruct, dispatch, downstroy
French ravager, cassé, démolir, détruire, dévaster, fracasser, grunge

ravager antonyms

construct, manufacture, build, fix, repair, create, produce, make, develop, design, build up, rebuild, preserve, acquire, arrange, bushel, cobble, come on, compose, confectionery, confiture, concept, assemble, form, reconstruct, grow, break, modernize, train, explicate, evolve, originate, doctor, erect, expand, fabricate, factory, fixing, fixture, furbish up, keep, make believe, make grow, make into, make up, make water, fabrication, industry, forge, mould, shape, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, put together, reassembly, reconstruction, reassemble, remanufacture, manufactory

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