really synonyms and antonyms


English as matter of fact, in reality, actually, really, in, literally, truth to tell, truthfully, all things considered, essentially, in fact, veridically

as matter of fact

English actually, in fact, really, in, truth to tell, truthfully, frankly, in point of fact

you don't say

English you think, really, is that so, doy, duh, no duh


English you don't say, as matter of fact, get outta here, is that so, oh really, no duh, in reality, no kidding, no shit, in truth, very much, honestly, actually, almost, rattling, genuinely, real, very, so

is that so

English you don't say, no kidding, really, no way

no kidding

English is that so, no duh, duh, no shit, no way, really, doy

get outta here

English really, beat it

no duh

English you don't say, oh really, no kidding, no shit, duh, no really, no shit sherlock, really, thank you captain obvious, doy

oh really

English no duh, really

no shit

English no duh, duh, no kidding, really, doy

in reality

English actually, in practice, really

very much

English so much, really, lot, great deal

in truth

English really, forsooth, truly


English real, really, real number, actual, de facto, genuine, tangible, existent, straight, money, authentic, true, substantial, veridical, rei, regal, royal, factual


English really, aboveboard, forthrightedly, candidly


English really, about, all but, virtual, nearly, quite, virtually, going on


English really, alert, brisk, lively, merry, fantastic, rattle, snappy, spanking, zippy


English really, authentically, naturally, truly, veritably


English really, awfully, horribly, terribly, ilk, selfsame, ever so


English so, really, danso, salt, sound, audio, phone, se, such, accordingly, an, as follows, beneath, ess, father, gf, her, his, i tell lie, indeed, insofar as, its, os, sic, so that, correct, musical, sb, sol, like, that, and so, therefore, thusly, sow, sub, their, this, thus, up, upon, way, well, whoa, with, your, southwest

really antonyms

ingenuine, fake, false, very little, nominal, fantasy, imagination, exact, character, fiction, ghost, act, illusion, dishonestly, hypothetically, theoretically, fictional character, character reference, deceitfully, in theory, ungenuine, imaginary, nominative, act as, act on impulse, accurate, accurately, affect, charlatan, claim, copy, counterfeit, detail oriented, perfect, precise, spot on, strict, demand, exactly, faux, phoney, feint, juke, imposter, adulterate, pass off, bullshit, forge, fudge, falseness, falsify, falsity, fanciful, fancy, fantasize, fabrication, figment, fictitious, forgery, imagery, all in one's head, complex number, creativity, resource, imaginativeness, imaging, just, mental imagery, mock, tokenish, noun phrase, notional, on nose, phantasy, phony, plastic, postiche, pretend, right, sham, stage, titular, unreal, vision, word for word, correct, prompt, proper, punctual, timely

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