relax synonyms and antonyms


English make relaxed, hang out, slow down, loosen up, unlax, unstrain, decompress, loll, unbend, unwind, abate, loosen, repose, slack, relaxation, slacken, weaken, rest, relaxed
French relaxation, détendre, assouplir, débander, décompresser, libéraliser, oklm, relaxer, relâcher, reposer
Spanish relajar, reposar, relajación
Italian allentare, distendersi, rilassamento, rilasciarsi, rilassare, rilassarsi, scaricarsi

hang out

English relax, hang about, consort, grip, lepak
French traîner, nicher
Italian ciondolare, oziare, passare il tempo

slow down

English relax, slow up, slow, decelerate
French ralentir, décélérer, languir, ralenti
Italian rallentare, rallentarsi

loosen up

English relax, limber up, unstuff


English relax, depressurize, uncompress
French décompresser, décomprimer


English slacken, relax, slack, logging, abbot, moderate, slack off, abbess, abatement, allay, alleviate, allow, appease, assuage, attemper, bate, beat down, calm, compose, decrease, deduct, demolish, diminish, dull, ebb, fade away, fail, fall off, frustrated, intermit, lay low, lessen, lower, mitigate, mollify, overthrown, pacify, put end to, qualify, quiet, raze, rebate, reduce, remit, remove, soften, sooth, subside, suppress, temper, terminate, tranquillize, wane, fall through, humble, slake, contract, die away, invalidate, let up
French abate fetel, abbé fétel, abbé, annuler, arrêter, baisser, calmer, cesser, diminuer, réduire, se calmer, terminer, ralentir
Spanish abate, ceder, menguar, reducir, suprimir
Italian abate, affievolirsi, attenuarsi, diminuire, scemare, ridurre


English abate, loosen, unwind, relax, slack, remit, ease, slow
French relax, loose, release
Spanish aflojar, remitir
Italian allascare, allentare


English relax, fool, bum, droop
Spanish arrellanarse, recostarse, repanchigarse, repanchingarse, reposar


English slacken, relax, ease, loose, tease, untie
French desserrer, débander, relâcher
Spanish aflojar, relajar, soltar
Italian allentare, allentarsi, mollare


English slacken, relax, disentangle, recharge, unroll, wind off
French débobiner, dérouler, étendre
Italian srotolare, svolgere


English relax, straighten
Spanish bajar, desdoblar, liberar, relajar


English relax, rest, peace of mind, placidity, quiet, peace, lay, recumb, serenity, tranquility, tranquillity
French calme, sérénité, tranquillité
Spanish reposo, descansar, reposar, serenidad, sosiego, tranquilidad


English relax, abate, slacken, slack, slack up, slack water, fiddlefart, lax, limp, slow, loose, culm, dell, slough, valley, mire, slump, slackly, slake, slackness
French slack, gravier, négligent, relâcher
Spanish carboncillo, carbonilla, aflojar, apagar, moderar, remitir, remolonear
Italian carbonella, polverino, allascare, lascare


English rest, relaxation, relaxation behavior, relaxation method, loosening, recreation, liberalization, easiness, slackening, release
French relaxation, détente, décontraction, décrispation, relâchement
Spanish relax, relajación
Italian relax, rilassamento, rilassazione, distensione


English relax, adulterate, cripple, debilitate, deteriorate, enfeeble, fade, lessen, unnerve, attenuate, cramp, debase, depress, devitalize, dilute, enervate, exhaust, impair, impoverish, invalidate, lower, reduce, shake, stagger, undermine, unman, unstring, dampen, de escalate, sabotage
French affaiblir, défaillir, faillir
Spanish debilitar, languir
Italian indebolire, spossare, affievolire, fiaccare, illanguidire


English relax, relaxation, repose, rest, eternal rest, leftovers, remainder, remains, residue, representational state transfer, remnant, breath, breathe, buttress, catch one's breath, cradle, ease, erect, eternal sleep, quietus, remain, remaining, reside, break, peace, sleep, lave, respite, be, breather, lay, lean, relieve, stay, perch, pillow, lie, scrap, stay over, surplus, take breather
French rest, reste, repos, reposer, accoter, appui, campos, chassie, demeurer, dormir, fulvius quietus, pause, quiétus, respirer, rester, restes, résider, résidu, se reposer, sommeil, suite, séjourner, trêve
Spanish resto, reposo, demás, sobra, descansar, reposar, apoyar, respirar, silencio
Italian riposo, resto, riposare, riposarsi, distensione, poggiare, puggiare, ristorarsi


English casual, easy, limp, calm
French relax, détendu
Spanish relajado, tranquilo
Italian disteso, rilassato

relax antonyms

fortify, strengthen, speed up, pick up speed, accelerate, gain, speedy, stress, augment, knot, rush, play, stretch fabric, benjamin rush, rush along, stretch along, stretch, stretch out, wise, arise, expedite, excite, exertion, back up, bank up, castle, child's play, do work, work, dramatic play, effort, fence, fort, arm, spike, hasten, incastle, nerve, struggle, theatre play, undergird, tight, tighten, detonating fuse, wick, augmentation, increase, magnification, raise, rise, jump, addition, tension, general adaptation syndrome, doing, abduct, accent, accentuate, action, add, agitate, appear, accrue, ascent, begin, come, come into being, emerge, ensue, follow, get out of bed, get up, go up, issue, mount, occur, originate, pop up, proceed, reappear, rebel, result, revolt, soar, spring up, start up, surface, be born, beef up, belt along, bird, bob up, bucket along, cannonball along, cheese, close fitting, come up, comfort, compound, critical, disquietude, distress, boing, emphasis, emphasise, emphasize, energise, energize, stimulate, arouse, expanse, extend, fast, fasten, festinate, focus, get to one's feet, go fast, gun, haste, hie, hotfoot, hurry, inflame, look sharp, materialize, piece of work, put to work, reinforce, stand up, stir up, tone

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