remainder synonyms and antonyms


English remainder, lave


English residuum, leftover, remnant, residual, residue, balance, difference, surplus, rest, end


English residue, remainder, remnant, surplus, rest, eternal rest, leftovers, remains, representational state transfer, breath, breathe, buttress, catch one's breath, cradle, ease, erect, eternal sleep, quietus, relax, relaxation, remain, remaining, repose, reside, break, peace, sleep, lave, respite, be, breather, lay, lean, relieve, stay, perch, pillow, lie, scrap, stay over, take breather


English remainder, lave


English leftover, remainder, end, lave, ort, part, relic, remains


English remnant, remainder, unexpended, picking


English remainder, residual, residuary


English remainder, balance, balance sheet, balance wheel, libra, proportion, account, disinterest, equilibrium, scales, counterweight, symmetry, adjust, cast accounts, clear, compare, compensate, counteract, counterbalance, counterpoise, equalize, equilibrate, make up for, neutralize, reckon, square, trim, weigh, poise, compensation, equilibrise, equilibrize, equipoise, remaining, scale, stool pigeon, stocktaking, profit and loss, weighing machine


English remainder, conflict, contrast, departure, deviation, disagreement, divergence, diversity, nevermind, unlikeness, dispute, differentiate, discrepancy, dissemblance, inconsistency, misunderstanding, variety


English remainder, surplus, supererogatory, oversum, excess


English remnant, remainder, end, come to end, ing, aim, and, apex, cease, close, conclude, death, destruction, do, conclusion, goal, purpose, termination, ending, finish, last, newline, oddment, point, shut up, stop, sunset, terminal, terminate, than, india

remainder antonyms

likeness, similarity, exercise, action, activity, bias, propel, equality, deficit, sum, motion, awake, identity, play, slip, law of similarity, fiscal deficit, sameness, active, active voice, active agent, identity function, identity element, identity operator, personal identity, physical exercise, sum of money, sum total, propeller, legal action, military action, action mechanism, alikeness, child's play, copy, dramatic play, drive on, image, impel, apparent motion, representation, resemblance, monotony, semblance, similitude, slip of paper, slip of tongue, slip one's mind, slip up, theatre play, lack, debt, lacquer, varnish, briefs, absence, activeness, bodily process, natural process, aggregate, amount, amount of money, attentive, conscious, alert, wake up, awaken, bent, biased, prejudice, diagonal, calculation, catfish

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