reproduction synonyms and antonyms

facts of life

English reproduction, birds and bees


English facts of life, reproductive memory, sexual reproduction, procreation, repro, duplicate, facsimile, breeding, replication, copy, replica, generation, reproduction
French reproduction, facsimilé, procréation

sexual reproduction

English sexual reproduction, amphimixis
French reproduction, reproduction sexuée, sexualité


English replication, duplicate, facsimile, replica, reproduction, copy, fake, forgery, image, likeness, phony, reduplication, sham, simulacrum, transcript, replicate, imitate, counterfeit, download, photocopy, re create, read, transfer, written matter, xerox
French copie, compiler, copier, duplicata, exemplaire, photocopie, rédactionnel


English copy, duplicate, replica, reproduction, carbon copy, copying, duplication, imitation, repeat, repetition, echo, rejoinder
French réplication, réponse


English reproduction, copy, replication, duplicate scrabble, double, matching, extra, twin, duplication, reduplicate, repeat, replicate, resemble
French dupliqué, confronter, copie, double, doublon, duplicata, duplication, dupliquer, redoubler, reproduire, répéter


English reproduction, copy, facsimile, facsimile machine, autotype, machine, fax, telefacsimile
French facsimilé, fax, télécopie, télécopieur


English reproduction, breeding, education, bringing up, fosterage, fostering, genteelness, gentility, nurture, raising, rearing, upbringing
French reproduction, élevage, surgénération


English copy, replication, reproduction, replica, rejoinder, replicate, retort, repetition, answer, objection, repeat
French reproduction, copie exacte, réplique, duplicata, réplica, réponse


English generation, coevals, genesis, multiplication, propagation
French reproduction, génération, descendance, multiplication, propagation

reproduction antonyms

asexual reproduction, agamogenesis, annihilation, original, paste, creation, unique, library paste, erase, graze, extinction, destruction, disintegration, delete, efface, mindwipe, obliteration, rub out, score out, wipe off, wipe out, authentic, funny, master, archetype, conception, initiation, universe, creative, creative activity, creature, genuine, new, brand new, one off, only, spread, glue, pastie, peerless, privy, singular, sole, unequalled, unparalleled

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