resolution synonyms and antonyms


English resolving power, solving, declaration, resoluteness, resolve, heart, purpose, decision, settlement, solution, resolution, resolving
German resolution, beschluss, entschliessung, determination

resolving power

English resolution, angular resolution


English resoluteness, resolution, purpose, adjudicate, decide, determine, fortitude, dissolve, melt, answer, conclude, solve
German auflösen, lösen


English resolve, resolution, firmness, firmness of purpose, fortitude


English resolution, avowal, notice, announcement, contract, pronouncement
German angabe, deklaration, erklärung


English purpose, heart, bosom, breast, affection, ardour, benevolence, boldness, bravery, core, crux, essence, fortitude, honey, inclination, interior, love, marrow, meaning, mind, pith, spirit, kernel, center, mettle, nerve, nub, pump, spunk, ticker
German resolution, herz, centre, character, courage, disposition, emotion, feeling, kernel, passion, will


English resolve, heart, aim, design, end, intent, intention, propose, consequence, effect, final cause, meaning, object, project, purport, determination, matter, reason, function, intend
German resolution, absicht, behuf, ziel, zweck, design, drift, end, intention, plan, sense, view, beabsichtigen, planen, vorschlagen


English resolution, decision, backbone, conclusion, decisiveness, determination
German dezision, die massnahme, entscheidung, erkenntnis, beschluss


English resolution, agreement, closure, colony, radication, arrangement, colonization, liquidation, village
German abmachung, ansiedlung, besiedelung, niederlassung, siedlung, verrechnung


English resolution, solution, answer, result, root, solvent, workaround

resolution antonyms

accident, problem, club, aimless, irresoluteness, irresolution, pointless, meaningless, golf club, baseball club, directionless, drifting, floating, social club, vagabond, vagrant, idle, mistake, insignificant, negligible, purposeless, unavailing, nonmeaningful, blunt, needless, point free, scoreless, superfluous, semantics free, senseless, slight, unmeaning, unpointed, vain, trouble, difficulty, nightclub, inflection, clubhouse, affection, alteration, befalling, calamity, casualty, casus, change, condition, contingency, contingent, fortuitous, fortuity, hap, hazard, misadventure, miscarriage, mischance, misfortune, mishap, modification, property, quality, state, unforeseen, bat, bludgeon, chance event, cudgel, team, cabaret, confuse, crash, disaster, disco, ennui, error, fault, gild, guild, hassle, job, lodge, perdurant, stroke, maul, misapprehension, misidentify

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