right synonyms and antonyms

i tell lie

English right, so


English i tell lie, right wing, right hand, right field, right angle, right on, entitlement, dexter, veracious, compensate, flop, redress, starboard, correct, just, conservative, proper, good, one, right, exactly, altogether, correctly, decently, justly, mightily, rightfulness, ripe, slap, slap bang

right wing

English right, conservative, rightist

right field

English right, rightfield

right angle

English right, right angle, normal, quadrant


English right wing, right, progressive conservative, cautious, buttoned down, materialistic, blue, reactionary, right winger, tory, traditionalist, conservativist

right on

English right, politically correct


English compensate, proper, right, just, correct, accurate, amend, castigate, well mannered, adjust, chastise, decline, discipline, correctly, fit, reasonable, rectify, remedy, scourge, so


English correct, right, balance, guerdon, recompense, reimburse, pay, cover, counterbalance, even off, even out, even up, indemnify, make up, make whole, remunerate, repair


English right, dexter, dexter cattle, deft


English right, accurate, honest, true, truthful


English right, flop, diskette, box office bomb, bummer, bust, collapse, dud, fizzle, floating point operation, flops, fall through, turkey, washout


English proper, correct, right, good, just, just now, fair, righteous, upright, accurate, barely, feel, blameless, condign, conscientious, deserved, due, equitable, even handed, exact, fair minded, honest, honourable, impartial, lawful, legitimate, merited, reasonable, regular, rightful, square, straightforward, suitable, true, virtuous, only, recently, simply, merely, precisely, scarcely, justus, slap, slap bang, solely, unpretentiously, yeah right


English just, correct, right, proper, approaching, close, near, nearby, appropriate, clean, fit, legal, neat, next, par excellence, complete, comprehensive, full, strictly, seemly, suitable, tidy


English right, damages, reimbursement, remediation, remedy, set aright


English right, just, able, chillax, fine, accomplished, not bad, well, beneficial, dear, dependable, full, honest, in effect, proficient, respectable, salutary, serious, sound, unspoilt, upright, commodity, thoroughly, goodness, stallwart, valorous, virtuous


English right, one, one and only, them, they, 1, ace, eleven, i, first rate, unitary, single, unity, you, oxo, sand

right antonyms

left wing, liberal, left of center, left, left hand, backboard, larboard, untruthful, untrue, port, politically incorrect, pinc, un pc, false, bad, injustice, hit, error, incorrect, basketball backboard, partial, wrong, port wine, computer error, unfair, unjust, unrighteous, uncouth, coarse, common, mendacious, port city, port side, rough cut, spine board, fremd, underbred, lease, unfaithful, out of true, dishonest, vulgar, generous, large minded, mistake, slip, erroneousness, misconception, bug, defect, failing, catholic, abundant, blunder, broad minded, erroneous belief, blooper, boo boo, fault, faux pas, fluff, gaffe, lapse, stumble, thinko, wrength, err, free, inaccuracy, inequity, iniquity, injury, justicelessness, unjustice, bighearted, liberalist, loose, progressive, shabbiness, unfairness, unjustness, whig, gate, seaport

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