round synonyms and antonyms


English round of golf, round of drinks, pear shaped, flesh out, fill out, one shot, daily round, round off, round out, labialise, labialize, chamfer, rotund, rounded, circular, even, complete, plump, spherical, round, canon, rump, circle, rung, beat, turn, cycle, around, polish, attack, troll, unit of ammunition
French round, rond, arrondi, arrondir, cercle, circulaire, cycle, labialiser, ligne, tour, troll


English pear shaped, round, honey pot ant, podgy, pudgy, corpulent

pear shaped

English rotund, round, orotund, lecythiform

flesh out

English round, elaborate, fatten

fill out

English round, round out, complete, eke out, fatten, pad
French compléter, remplir

one shot

English round, one off
French coup sûr, coup unique, cul sec, aventure, coup d’ un soir

round out

English fill out, round, round off, finish out


English fill out, round, done, entire, accomplished, concluded, consummate, unadulterated, accomplish, finish, dispatch, conclude, do, fill in, full, make out, nail, proper, rank, turn, unbroken
French accomplir, terminer, achever, clou, complet, compléter, effectuer, entier, finir, intégrale, ongle, plein, remblayer, remplir

round off

English round, round out, round down, polish
French arrondir, rond


English round, bevel, furrow
French chanfrein, chanfreiner, champfrain


English round, circular, circular letter, mobilize, go around, doughnut shaped, bill, broadsheet, broadside, orbitual, flyer, circulate, circumscribe, cycloidal, flier, handbill, move about, throwaway, circle
French anar, circulaire, circuler, prospectus, tract


English round, even out, equal, equally, flat, monotone, quits, fifty fifty, level, regular, evening, yet, flatten, flush, fellow, momentarily, smooth
French plat, évène, aggraver, aussi, encore, juin, jusqu’ à, même, pareillement, quitte, quitter, régulier, tellement, voire


English round, plump, ungainly, chubby, clumsy, eyelash, gauche, go, ham fisted, heavy handed, embonpoint, fatten, plank, plummet
French dodu, potelé, rebondi, aller, faire, go, grossier, lourdingue, partir, passer, replet, rondouillet


English round, spherical, spherelike, globular, ball shaped

round antonyms

damaged, defective, unfinished, incomplete, uneven, odd, direct, partial, number, odd number, book of numbers, numbers, fillet weld, fillet, fish fillet, incomplete abortion, lopsided, nonround, unrounded, numbers pool, partial derivative, unsymmetrical, finished, cub, asymmetrical, bare, faulty, injured, wounded, discredited, deftly, dexterously, ended, concluded, filet, taenia, lemniscus, bone, fish filet, headband, skew whiff, nimble, skilful, skilled, skillful, versatile, done, and change, bad, biased, completed, through with, donets, fallible, in books, ready, ruined, inadequate, unwhole, uncompleted, phone number, stopping, telephone number, uncomplete, rough, mismatched, scratchy, half finished, clear cut, conduct, lineal, unmediated, verbatim, directly, calculate, mastermind, address, aim, target, lead, send, steer, immediate, immediately, some, about, bizarre, single, strange, funny, unexpended, unmatched, officer, oppositional defiant disorder, fond, overtone, peculiar, quasi, refer, ridiculous, right away

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