ruin synonyms and antonyms


English laying waste, gelding, ruins, cripple, desolation, devastation, downgrade, impoverish, maim, downfall, dilapidation, beggar, calamity, decay, desolate, despicable, destroy, destruction, disaster, ruin, fordo, ruinate, wreck, deflower, bankrupt, ruination, screw up, undoing, miserly
Norwegian ruin, ødeleggelse, øydelegging
Danish ruin, ødelæggelse
German ruin, insolvenz, ramponieren, untergang, zusammenbruch, ruine, ruinieren, schurke, verhängnis, wallach
Dutch bouwval, puinhoop, ruïne

laying waste

English ruin, ruination, ruining, wrecking


English gelding, horse, orchidectomy, castration


English ruins, debris, wreck
German dickicht, ruine


English devastation, destruction, barrenness, bleakness, desolateness, dreariness, gloom, gloominess, havoc, loneliness, misery, ravage, sadness, solitariness, solitude, unhappiness, wildness, wretchedness, forlornness
German destruction, ruin, verwüsten, verwüstung


English desolation, destruction, havoc, pillage, rapine, ravage, waste, ravaging, devastavit, plunder
German destruction, ruin, annihilation, verheerung, verwüstung, zerstörung


English decay, maim, disabled, impair, limit, mutilate, weaken, disfigure, gimp, lame, stultify
German ruin, krüppel, lame, stunt


English cripple, dilapidation, maim, nuclear decay, radioactive decay, corruption, crumble, caducity, decadence, declension, decline, decomposition, decrepitude, degeneracy, deterioration, disintegration, fading, failing, perishing, putrefaction, radioactivity, wasting, withering, decompose, deteriorate, disintegrate, fail, perish, putrefy, wane, waste, wither, dilapidate, dwindle
German ruin, fäulnis, verfall, verkommen, degeneration, verwesung, rot
Swedish förfall, förruttnelse, sönderfall


English cripple, decay, mutilate, garble, impair, lacerate
German ruin, mangle, verschandeln, verstümmeln
Swedish lemlästa, stympa
Galician fanar, mutilar, toller


English decay, ruin, dilapidatedness, disrepair, decrepitude, embezzlement, misappropriation, squandering
German baufälligkeit, verfall
Dutch bouwvalligheid, verkrotting, verloedering, verval


English desolation, devastation, destruction, consumption, demolition, eradication, extinction, extirpation, havoc, overthrow, ravage, shipwreck, end, ruination, wipeout, misgiving
Norwegian ødeleggelse, øydelegging
German ruin, vernichtung, zerstörung, annihilation, holocaust, subversion, verwüstung
Swedish förstörelse, ödeläggelse


English ruin, downgrade, abase, defame, degrade, demote, reduce, revert
German herabstufen, herunterstufen


English ruin, weaken, deprive, deplete, retard


English ruin, decline, doom, fall, precipitation, ruination
German niedergang, untergang, verfall


English ruin, mendicant, pauperise, pauperize, vagrant, palliard
Norwegian betler, betlerske, tiggar, tigger
Danish betler, betlerske, tigger, tiggerske
German bettler, bettlerin, bettelbruder, bettelfrau, bettelmann, bettelschwester, bettelweib, pracher, pracherin
Swedish bettlare, bettlerska, tiggare, tiggerska
Dutch bedelaar, bedelaarster, bedelares
Galician esmoleiro, mendigo, pobre, mendicante, mendiga


English disaster, accident, adversity, affliction, blow, casualty, catastrophe, distress, evil, hardship, ill, ill luck, mischance, misery, misfortune, mishap, nakba, stroke, trouble, visitation, cataclysm, tragedy
Norwegian katastrofe, kalamitet
German disaster, ruin, kalamität, katastrophe, unheil, reverse, trial
Swedish katastrof, tragedi
Galician calamidade, desastre, desgraza


English calamity, adversity, blow, casualty, catastrophe, accident, misadventure, mischance, misfortune, mishap, stroke, distress, grief, tragedy, visitation
Norwegian katastrofe, miljøkatastrofe
German ruin, desaster, havarie, unheil, verhängnis, reverse


English destroy, bare, barren, bleak, derelict, cheerless, comfortless, companionless, desert, destroyed, dreary, forlorn, forsaken, laid waste, lonely, lonesome, miserable, ravaged, ruined, solitary, unfrequented, uninhabited, waste, wretched, depopulate, despoil, devastate, pilage, ravage, lay waste to, abandon, desolateness, plunder, stark
German ruin, desolat, barren, verlassen, wild, plunder, sack


English desolate, ruin, annihilate, break, demolish, eradicate, kill, waste, destruct, dispatch, downstroy, perish, put down, ravage
German destruieren, zerstören, kaputtmachen, vernichten
Dutch kapot maken, slopen, vernielen, vernietigen, verwoesten
Galician destruír, arruinar, estragar


English contemptible, mean, vile, detestable, execrable, slimy, ugly, unworthy, worthless, wretched
German abjekt, verabscheuungswürdig, abscheulich, gemein, niederträchtig, schnöde, verachtenswert, widerwärtig
Dutch afschuwelijk, verachtelijk, verfoeilijk
Galician ruin, cativo, desprezabel, gandalleiro, gorrovello, vedello, desprezable, desprezábel

ruin antonyms

build, build up, big up, ramp up, work up, construct, rich, wealthy, upgrade, donor, honorable, fix, construction, man, arm, develop, progress, rich man, new construction, man of means, wealthy man, grammatical construction, rich people, isle of man, accretion, preserve, enrich, growth, accumulation, endow, exalt, feather one's nest, found, a'man, affluent, arrange, bestower, conferrer, confiture, concept, assemble, form, reconstruct, manufacture, donator, erect, fabricate, flush, discovered, establish, giver, noble, venerable, honest, honourable, respectable, keep, loaded, make, moneyed, presenter, jam, jelly, marmalade, nature reserve, conserve, save, continue, protect, put together, rise, rising slope, settlor, substantial, trustor, trustworthy, ascent, promote, well to do, worshipful

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