são synonyms and antonyms


English sound, auditory sensation, burst, go, good, hardy, judicious, noise, sand, effectual, level headed, wakeless, well grounded, strait, audio, phone, echo, fathom, voice
Portuguese bater, digno de confiança, parecer, ressoar, ruído, soar, som, voz, sã, são, enseada


English saint, angel, avarice, greed, hallow, holy, holy man, holy person, sacred, st, ideal, enshrine, canonize, scummer, hallowed, sainted, sacrosanct, sanctified, holy place
Portuguese anjo, arya, santo, santos, ārya, santa, são, sacro, sagrado


English healthily, in one's right mind, play with full deck, reasonable, sledge, vocable
Portuguese mentalmente sadio, mentalmente são, sadio, sã, são


English strong, wholesome, hardy, healthful, good for you, level headed, sizeable
Portuguese salubre, saudável, substancial, são

são antonyms

crazy, weak, frail, unhealthy, disease, sickness, her, ill, sick, insane, quiet, silence, light, mute, fury, sin, deaf mute, sinner, unbalanced, catch sight of, sight, imbalanced, quiet down, horus, thesaurus:disease, evil doer, evildoer, ill favoured, ill intentioned, polyunsaturated, out of whack, brainsick, insalubrious, weak minded, debauched, vice, vicious, poisonous, sine, son, qing dynasty, motionless, unruffled, abate, ailing, appear, be quiet, brittle, deaden, deaf and dumb person, feeble, ferociousness, ferocity, delicate, imperfect, eumenides, craze, illness, inaudibility, inaudible, bananas, barking, barking mad, barmy, batcrap, batpoop, bats, batshit, batty, bonkers, bread baskets, cook, cracked, crackers, cray, cray cray, crazed, cuckoo, daft, demented, doolally, dotty, eccentric, fruit loops, fucked up, harebrained, hatstand, kooky, loony, loony tunes, loopy, lunatic, mad, mental, mentally disturbed, non compos mentis, nucking futs, nuts, nutso, nutty, potty, psycho, psychotic, screwy, squirrelly, weird, whacko, ire, ken, light headed, visible light, electric light, traffic light, inner light, light up, light colored, light coloured, light source, lull, madness, malady, mentally ill, morbid, mouth

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