salvaje synonyms and antonyms


English lout, clod, dullard, galoot, gawk, goon, lubber, lummox, lump, oaf, stumblebum
Spanish salvaje, barra brava, gamberro, bobo, bruto, idiota, necio, palurdo, patán, simple, tonto, zoquete


English lout, tigerish, feral, uncivilised, ferocious, savage, roughshod, wild
Spanish montaraz, yermo


English feral, ferine
Spanish salvaje, cimarrón, bravo, ferino, feroz, fiero, montaraz


English savage, wild, barbarian, barbaric, uncivilized
Spanish salvaje, bárbaro


English savage, fierce, furious, lupine, vicious
Spanish salvaje, feroz, brutal, furioso, violento


English feral, ferocious, uncivilised, savage, wild, game, abandoned, desolate, fierce, good time, natural state, rambunctious, scraggly, state of nature, truculent, unruly, untamed, wanton, dotty, fantastic, godforsaken, hazardous, raving mad, tempestuous, unwarranted, violent, wilderness, rampantly, wildling
Spanish salvaje, the wild, silvestre, caza, venado, montaraz, naturaleza, violento


English uncivilised, ferocious, roughshod, barbarian, blast, brutal, crucify, fiend, pillory, ferine, beast, vicious
Spanish salvaje, crucificar, masacrar, tratar salvajemente


English savage, barbarous, brutal, cruel, fell, heavy handed, vicious
Spanish salvaje, atroz, brutal, bárbaro, cruel

salvaje antonyms

pet, civilised, civilized, cultivated, cultured, domestic help, domestic, genteel, polite, tame, cigarette butt, 5, chasten, domesticated, polyethylene terephthalate, blind drunk, fart, pop, bed, breast, cap, five, idol, shamefaced, subdue, meek, domesticate, tone down, tamed, tom, bourgeois, house servant, household appliance, paired end tag, best loved, companion animal, positron emission tomography, darling, wind, fagot

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