santo synonyms and antonyms


English saint's day, name day, hallowed, sanctified, puro, hallow, sanctus, holy, ideal, saint
Portuguese sacro, sagrado, eclesiástico, inviolável
pap dibino, sagrado, santu

name day

Spanish santo, día del santo, onomástica


English divine, sacred
Malay murni, suci


English holy, consecrated, sacred
Portuguese santo, sagrado
Malay keramat, kudus, suci


English pure, saturated, cigar, brook, floss, island, pristine, stream, streamlet, trickle, absolute, uncompounded, virginal, rivulet, undiluted, chaste, out and out
Spanish cigarro, mero, nada más, solamente, sólo
Portuguese santo, alvo, castiço, casto, imaculado, limpo, pudico
Italian incontaminato, vergine
pap limpi, puru


English hallow, hallowed, sanctified, holy, ideal, saint, angel, avarice, greed, holy man, holy person, sacred, st, enshrine, canonize, scummer, sainted, sacrosanct, holy place
Spanish santo, san, santa, ángel, sagrado
Portuguese santo, anjo, arya, santos, ārya, santa, são, sacro, sagrado
Galician santo, san, santa
Italian santo, san, santa
Malay santo, santa, wali, keramat, kudus, suci, baik hati, bidadari, malaikat, sso yg sangat baik hati
pap santo, dibino, sagrado, santu
io santo, santa


English saint, consecrate, dedicate, honor, revere, reverence, sanctify, venerate
Spanish santo, santa, santificar
Portuguese santo, santa, santificar
Italian santo, santa, consacrare, ordinare, santificare


English sanctified, saint, holy place, faultless, reserved, sacred, sainted, inviolable, liturgical language, saintly
Spanish santo, sagrado
Portuguese santo, sagrada, sagrado, santa, sacro
Galician santo, sacro, sagrado
Italian santo, sacro, benedetto
Malay keramat, kudus, suci, bersih hati, putih


English holy, saint, sanctus, god fearing


English saint, ideal, lie ideal, impractical, right, apotheosis, idealistic, ideally, model, nonesuch, nonpareil, nonsuch, paradigm, paragon
Spanish ideal, dechado, modelo
Portuguese ideal, apoteose
Italian ideale, idealistico, modello
Malay santo, ideal, bersifat idealis, cita cita, contoh murni, contoh terbaik, idaman, idealistik, idealistis, impian, paling baik, paling sesuai, sejati, sempurna, spt keramat hidup, suci, tidak terbanding

santo antonyms

profane, unhallowed, unholy, imperfect, scenario, filter, sin, common, electronic filter, filter out, realsome, true to life, screenplay, sausage, sinner, laity, layman, worst, additionally, also, backdrop, furthermore, gross, impure, in addition, layperson, moreover, secular, along, beyond, in any case, into bargain, likewise, what is more, unclean, irreligious, laic, damaged, filthy, common land, defective, faulty, injured, wounded, discredited, dirty, evil doer, evildoer, fallible, faultful, feeble, gruesome, sleazy, cruddy, foul, frail, progressive, imperfective aspect, inexact, lousy, mundane, nasty, newbie, past continuous, godless, impious, irreverent, temporal, ungodly, unsanctified, vulgar, wicked, worldly, blasphemous, sacrilegious, unconsecrated, corrupt, desecrate, tainted, diabolical, sinful, weak, non religious, debauched, vice, vicious, poisonous, scenery, sine, son, qing dynasty, percolate, trickle, filtrate, mop up, pip, rack up, separate out, sign, transgressor, strain, strainer, whip, baddest, illest, most

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