sapiencia synonyms and antonyms


English knowledgeability, understanding, wisdom


English initiation, knowledgeableness
Spanish sapiencia, saber, sabiduría


English understanding, agreement, amicable, apprehension, comprehension, discernment, grasp, head, knowledge, open minded, savvy, reason, sympathy
Spanish sapiencia, aprehensión, comprensión, discernimiento, entendimiento


English wisdom, wisdom of solomon, lore, prudence, sagacity, sapience, soundness, wiseness
Spanish sabiduría, juicio, validez
pro sapiencia, razon

sapiencia antonyms

foolishness, folly, misunderstanding, craziness, stupidity, foolery, extravagance, fatuity, imprudence, indiscretion, lunacy, ridiculousness, indulgence, madness, misappreciation, miscomprehension, difference, disagreement, misconception, mistake, misinterpretation, senselessness, tomfoolery, unwiseness

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