satisfacción synonyms and antonyms


Spanish satisfacción, realización


English fulfillment, fulfilment, atonement, gratification, pleasure, satisfaction, comfort, compensation, remuneration, appreciation
Spanish satisfacción, cumplimiento


English contentment, satisfaction, pleasure, pleasure to meet you, amusing, blissful, delight, enjoyable, enjoyment, entertaining, fun, happiness, pleasance, pleasurable, nice to meet you, pleased to meet you, desire, discretion, joy, relish
Spanish placer, disfrute, goce, gozo, satisfacción


Galician alegría, compracencia, ledicia, satisfacción


English satisfaction, atonement, expiation, compensation, penance, reimbursement
Spanish desagravio, compensación, expiación, satisfacción, vindicación


English satisfaction, gratification, gladness, perquisite
Spanish gratificación, satisfacción


English pride, gay pride, congratulate, egotism, plume, company, conceit, dignity, prid, pridefulness, self esteem, superbia, vanity
Spanish orgullo, satisfacción, soberbia
Galician orgullo, soberbia


Spanish aceptabilidad, admisibilidad, satisfacción

satisfacción antonyms

displeasure, discontent, chagrin, pain, regret, humility, disgruntlement, dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, neglection, agitate, business concern, business, business organisation, business organization, business sector, discontented, discontentment, unhappy, disapproval, ache, condemnation, suffering, pain in neck, pain sensation, stage business, chagrined, humiliate, depressed, disquietude, egolessness, humbleness, humiliation, compunction, grief, guilt, miserable, mortification, mournful, shagreen, sorrow, sorry, dysphoric, infelicitous, edginess, anguish, annoy, bait, bread, breadwinner, bun, distress, ed, gripe, hurt, hurting, ill, loaf, bewail, deplore, grieve, lament, repine, repent, regretfulness, remorse, repent of, rue, commercial enterprise, occupation, clientele, byplay, company, concern, part, thing

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